Letter of Authority

15 November 1999

.au Domain Administration
255 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Sirs

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has delegated to
me the authority to manage the .au namespace.

I hereby now delegate to you full authority to manage the
namespace, which is a subset of the .au namespace (the "Domain").
Your authority includes but is not limited to the authority to:

1. Issue domain names to other parties under policies and
   charges which you set and update;

2. Maintain and update zone files;

3. Assign the authoritative name servers for the Domain; and

4. Appoint registrars to operate and manage the Domain and to
   provide registrarial services.

You are obliged to notify me of the name servers that you assign
as authoritative for the Domain and to retain the current
Domain General and Naming Policy until it can be replaced by a
policy that has been the subject of fair and open consultation
among the internet community and key stakeholders of auDA.

I also assign to you the rights and obligations accruing to me
under my agreement with Melbourne IT in relation to the management
of the Domain.

As delegate of the authority to manage the Domain you are free to
assign some or all of your responsibilities to other parties if
you wish. Please note, however, that you and your assignees will
be bound to comply with IANA's guidelines at and
and any subsequent guidelines issued by ICANN.

In the event that I am succeeded as the delegated authority for
the .au namespace, my successor shall assume all the rights and
obligations accruing to me under my arrangement with IANA and
this arrangement with you.

I trust that you will administer the Domain in a fair and
responsible manner.

Yours sincerely

Robert Elz

(Note: The above link to IANA has since moved to --auDA Webmaster, 23/5/2000)