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Notes to accompany an invited presentation to a session of the Australian Library and Information Association Conference, ALIA2000, in Canberra, 25 October 2000

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The presentation comprises a set of PowerPoint slides.


The Programme Committee invited four speakers to address the general topic of 'Consumer needs in the information society'. I was specifically asked to consider the interaction between electronic shopping and libraries.

A series of models are first examined, including shopping, marketspaces, 'spontaneous procurement', 'deliberative procurement', the Internet, and Internet access. These are juxtaposed against a model of libraries in the information age.

Several scenarios are then developed, which involve libraries as natural sources of support for purchasing-related activities. These centre around information about goods and services, information goods and services, and trust questions, with particular reference to anonymity and pseudonymity.

Attention is drawn to the dire threat of a new dark ages arising. This is because e-publishing and e-sharing threaten powerful organisations, and they may be able to harness information technology to protect their interests, at the cost of public access to information.

The other speakers in the session, and their contributions, were:

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