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It's unlikely anyone else is ever going to be motivated to look back on my life, so I might as well have a bit of fun while I still can. The images are chronological, with some segmentation, in an attempt to make a scatty and at best semi-planned sequence seem vaguely logical as well.

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1949-51 (0 - 1-1/2)

Birth in Portsmouth, Rene's parents (briefly), and 12,000 miles over the sea, to Kingaroy

March 1950, Christening
July 1950, with Tony
October 1950, aged 1
May 1951, At the Whitemans'

1951-54 (1-1/2 - 4-1/2)

Kingaroy, and back to Blighty (for a lost cause)

June 1951, Colombo and the Fairsea
July 1951, Kingaroy, Carinya St
October 1951, Kingaroy, Youngman St

1954-55 (4-1/2 - 6)

Portsmouth, and back again, this time with a sister

April 1954, Southsea, Portchester
Christmas 1955, with Carole
... and with Tree, Andover Rd

1955-62 (6 - 13)

Bundaberg, Kepnock Rd, Central, Grade 8 at BHS

Oct and Dec, 1957
Fancy Dress, Kepnock Rd, 1961?
Burnett River, Annette Hutcheon, 1961?
c. 5 Oct 1961?, Dennis Fisher, me, Carole, Derek Nimmo,
Wayne Blackburn, Alan Shearer, Greg Pershouse
Lone Pine (Brisbane), c.1961?
Starting Gr 8, Feb 1962?
Consc Banana, Smug, with prize book?, Nov 1962?

1963-66 (13-17)

Kepnock Rd to Woondooma St, to Pickett St, great years at BHS

August 1963?, Annette Hutcheon at the Deb Ball
Crusaders, Champs again, mid-1963?,
Keith Fagg, Ian? Webb, George Tasker,
Col Ross (State), !? (Brown?), Len Howe (State),
Ian Nixon; Dennis Fowkes?, Me, ?!, ?!
City Rep, Brisbane 1962,
Ipswich 1963, ? 1964
Qld Rep, to Sydney and Newcastle, August 1964
John Perryn's Matric, November 1964
Over halfway along the 5-mile stretch,
Kalkie, at Jackowski's, to Showgrounds,
hurting, c.Aug 1965?
School Debating Team, off to Brisbane
– as Reserve?! (because my girlfriend beat me) ...
... Returning, as State Champions;
Margaret Leckie, Archleigh Dixon, Howard Bamsey.
Archleigh, I and Howard were the Loney team,
and funnily enough we won the School Comp,
and Loney won the Shield (me as House Captain)
Viva, Woondooma St, c. August 1966,

1967-74 (17 - 24-1/2)


19 Aug 1969
OCTU Graduation
Feb 68 - Aug 1969
9 Course
19 Aug 1969, Grad Ball
with Mary Walsh
Post mil, pre long-hair
Trying to look urbane c.1974?

1974-77 (24-1/2 - 27-1/2)

Pursuit, the end of Bachelordom

PJ Coombe, John Ditton (C's boyfriend),
at Thornleigh
First TV Appearance,
for NSW Privacy Ctee
?!, ?!, Still visiting Coogee
even when L had escaped
At Balmain, 13? Jan 1977...
... with Gina and Ray
Wedding Prep, 15 Jan 1977
At Turramurra, 15 Jan 1977 ...
... with Anna, Peg and Rene ...
... and Tony

1977-78 (27-1/2 - 29)

North America, mainly England

Houghton Conquest
Maggie and Freddie's house, and Beryl
c. Apr 1978?
Chenies, Winter 1978
Chorleywood Pub
Winter 1978

1979-82 (29 - 32-1/2)

Switzerland, and a daughter

Leaving the UK, Dec 1978
John, Robin, Pip, Michael and
Pip's Trevor, the 'horrible
'orphan from 'ull
BSS social event, 1979
Spiros Psaltis
Trevi, May 1981
Kasia 6 months

1982-83 (32-1/2 - 34)

Balmain and Leichhardt, and a son

Leichhardt, 1-2Q 1983,
with Kasia ...
... and with Grimsel

1984-95 (34-45-1/2)

Canberra, ANU

Just before leaving Sydney
c. Dec 1983
c. Jul 1984
Rene's 60th Birthday
Jun 1986
Tom Macdonald, Georgie
(Joan Mac with the camera?)
BHS Anniversary, Olds v. Youngs
Shootout, June 1987
Chapman c. 1988
Only after-dinner speech, ever
Only for a sister's wedding
6 May 1989
Roger and Linda c.1991?
R, K, Kasia and Russell, c.1991?
ADFA vs. Goulburn, 3rd Div, c.1994?

1995-2000 (45-50)

Canberra, Consultancy time again, still refereeing, mountains walk start


2000-2005 (50-55)

The end of refereeing, more walking needed.


2005-2015 (55-65)

Darby and Joan, but lots of weeding and walking

Buying Bunhybee, Oct 2008
Above Passo Giau, July 2010
West of Cortina d'Ampezzo

2015- (65-)

Still consulting, still weeding, still walking

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