The Tome Family

Maria Lucon (1846/47-1939/45) was Linda's Father's Mother's Mother.

Linda descends from Maria's second marriage, to Lorenzo Perin/Capelin.

Maria Lucon's first marriage was to Giovanni Tome (1836?-1880).
Maria's Giovanni d. at Port Breton, and Lorenzo's Catterina d. at Noumea.
So both arrived at Port Jackson in April 1881 with children and no spouse.

Of the people in Giovanni Tome's line:

The pages in this section are:

The remaining Tomes in the southern areas of Sydney are no longer from Giovanni's line but from Giralomo's.

The Tomes around Inverell appear to be from Giovanni's son John's line.

Others among the NSW Tomes are presumably from Giralomo's line.

There are also Tomes in Queensland who Steve Capelin has established migrated to Australia after WWII.


In 2011-13 when I established this page, the information about the Perin / Capelin line's origins and early years in Australia drew on the following publications:

In about 2014, I added Spinaze family memories, and information from Steve and Mick Capelin's revised family tree and updates, correspondence with Martin Mulligan, then many more details from Geraldine Bryant, and from John Duffy via Steve Capelin.

In late 2020, I added a great deal more on Girolamo's line provided by Belinda Patterson nee Catlan.

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