The Line of Giovanni Tome (1836?-1880)
and Maria Lucon (1846/47-1939/45)

Maria Lucon was Linda's Father's Mother's Mother, but Linda descends from her second marriage.
This page relates to Maria Lucon's first marriage
So the generation born 1900-20 (e.g. Rita) are Ray Spinaze's half-first-cousins
and the generation born 1930-50 (e.g. Martin) are Linda Spinaze's half-second cousins

Giovanni Tome (1836?-1880)
Giovanni's forebears and siblings are in the Upper Tome page
m. Maria Lucon (1846/47-1945)
m. 1869
Maria was b. in Cimetta.
Thompson Appendix 1 lists her as 32 in 1880, and her obituary says she died in 1945 "in her 99th year", i.e. aged 98.
She told her grandson Ray that her mother was from Conegliano, her father from Padua.
Maria and Giovanni had 3 children, listed in Stud Book pp. 254-255.
They were Expeditioners.
But Giovanni d. at Port Breton on 30 Oct 1880, aged 44.
(Note: not to be confused with Gerome Tome, who died en route to Noumea in Feb/Mar 1881, aged 39).
Maria's three children were aged 12, 9 and 7 on arrival in N.S.W. in April 1881
      Maria re-married to Lorenzo Capelin, at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney, on 21 April 1881.
      Lorenzo was 44 and Maria was 34.
      Lorenzo's wife had died in childbirth in Noumea, and he had 2 children aged c. 9 and 13
The three Tome children were presumably with their mother and step-father, in Thornleigh 1881-84,
and in New Italy 1884/85-88, and perhaps South Woodburn from 1888.
For Maria's life 1881-1945, see the family-page for Maria and Lorenzo Capelin.

  1. Gi(r?)acomo / Giovanni? John Tome (1868/1870-1946)
    m. Giudetta/Julia Mellare (1877-1935)
    m. presumably c. 1895
    Both were Expeditioners.
    Giudita was child 6 of Antonio and Giovanna Mellare
    11 children, with a substantial line (Stud Book pp. 256-259)
    Shared a property in New Italy with his half-brother Domenico (c. 1896-99?).
    Moved west to the Inverell district c. 1906.
    Julia d. 1935, Inverell, so aged c. 58
    John d. 18 Feb 1946, so aged 76-78
    1. John Frank Tome (1896-1960)
      b. 22 Nov 1896
      m. Blanche Sunday
      1. John Hiram Tome (1924-2012)
        m. Ruth Smith
        John and Spencer Spinaze knew one another
        John helped compile 'Our Italian Heritage' ('the stud book')
        1. Chris Tome, b.c.1950, Bathurst
      2. Frank Tome, Canberra
        Lives 3km from Linda, but we only discovered it, through Steve Capelin's efforts, in Jan 2014
      3. Brian Tome, Inverell
        Steve Capelin was in contact with him in 2013/14
        m. Diane
      4. Geoff Tome
        1. Graham Tome, b. 1962, COMO
        2. Roselyn Tome
    2. Alfred Leslie Tome (1898-1970)
      b. 12 Feb 1898
      m. ?
      3 children, 2 of whom Steve Capelin has had contact with:
      1. Margaret Muggleton, Inverell
      2. Helen Palmer, Inverell
    3. Mary Giovanna / Johanna Tome (1899-1974)
      b. 16 Jun 1899
      m. BIRD
    4. Bridget Tome (1901-1971)
      b. 31 Jan 1901
      m. HENDERSON
      1. John Henderson, Inverell
    5. Lawrence Nathaniel (Nat) Tome (1902-?)
      b. 3 Feb 1902
      1. Noel Tome, Sydney
        Steve Capelin has been in contact with him
      2. Pamela Tome (->2013)
        m. Dawson
      3. Beverley Tome, Gosford
        m. Tritton
      4. Peter Tome, Inverell
        m Dawn Bell
      5. David Tome, Ballina
        m Margaret Spora
    6. Frank Tome (1904-1944)
      b. 8 Apr 1904
      A POW, d. 1944
    7. Albert Tome (1906-?)
      b. 2 Feb 1906
    8. Emma Tome (1909-?)
      b. 24 Feb 1909
      m. BURGESS
    9. Mark James Mellare Tome (1910-1944)
      b. 14 Nov 1910
      A POW, d. 1944
    10. James Martin Tome (1912-?)
    11. Martin Carl Tome (1914-?)
  2. T(h)eresa Tome (1872-1938)
    m. Michael DUFFY (1864-1934), in 1888
    So Theresa appears to have been 16 at the time of her marriage.
    She had her first child at 17, and had 14 in total. The first 2 died very young, and the 4th was killed aged 18.
    Michael was b. 1864, Parramatta, so c.24 at the time of their marriage.
    Steve Capelin says that Michael's father had extensive orchards at Thornleigh, and Michael inherited them in 1894.
    Duffy Ave is a major thoroughfare which marks the location of that property, west from Pennant Hills Rd to Westleigh.
    That's c.1 mile north of where Lorenzo and Maria were assigned, to the Paling Family, 1881-1884/85/86.
    Did Theresa and Michael meet in Thornleigh in the early 1880s, when she was 9-13? Or in NNSW in the mid-1880s?
    In 1913, nearly 20 years after inheriting the Thornleigh orchards, their eldest surviving son Donald was killed.
    Aged about 50 and 42, they then moved to Kurrajong, north of Richmond, close to the Blue Mts.
    The Duffys were 'a good Catholic family', and strong-willed.
    However, the line of at least 7. Louis became Seventh Day Adventists (SDA).
    Michael d. 1934, Windsor/Richmond, so aged c. 70
    1. Mary T. C. Duffy (1889-1899)
    2. Arnold J. M. Duffy (1890-1890)
    3. Veronica (Vera) C. A. Duffy (1892-?)
      m. Sidney WARD
      They were both nurses at the Sanitarium, Wahroonga
    4. Donald J. B. Duffy (1894-1913)
      Killed aged 18 years when the horse he was riding was struck by a motor car
    5. Michael Cyril J. Duffy (1896-1963)
      m. Mary in 1919 when he was 23.
      They went to New Zealand, where they remained
    6. Annetta J. T. Duffy (1899-?)
    7. Louis Bernard Duffy (1902-1958)
      m. Mary Wrightson
      They lived at Cooranbong, west of Lake Macquarie, south of Newcastle, which is SDA and Sanitarium territory
    8. Theresa (Tess) M. C. Duffy (1904-?)
      m. Richard NOBBS, from Norfolk Island
      m. LAWRENCE
    9. Mark Anthony Duffy (1906-1981)
      m. Vesta James from Kellyville
      They lived at Grose Vale (on the Blue Mts side of Richmond)
    10. Marie Constance Duffy (1907-1982)
      m. Percy JAMES (brother of Mark's wife)
      They lived at Towoon Bay (The Entrance, north of Terrigal)
    11. Lilian (Lil) Elizabeth Duffy (1909-?)
      m. Ben DAWSON
      They lived in Northmead (North Parramatta)
    12. Stanley Philip Gavan Duffy (1911-1968)
      m. Amy Flemming
      Their home was in Lidcombe
    13. Ernest Allan Duffy (1913-1992)
      Never married
      Lived in Manly
    14. Ronald Victor Duffy (1914-1984)
      m. Clare De Silvia
      They lived in Parkes and Goulburn
  3. Anna (Netta) Tome (1874-1968)
    m. 1896
    m. Martin TOME, b. Italy (1869/70-1909)
    Martin was Netta's first cousin, and also an Expeditioner.
    4 children, listed on Stud Book pp. 254-255
    This photo is of Martin and Neta with Vic and Gerald, so presumably from 1901
    They appear to have gravitated to southern Sydney by the late 1920s
    Steve Capelin said that Netta bought a block of land in Sutherland in 1928 from her step-brother Lawrence.
    Martin d. 1909 at c. 40
    Netta d. 1968 at c. 94
    1. Girolamo Lorenzo / Gerald Lawrence Tome (1898-1993)
      m. 1929
      m. Charlotte Marion Marshall (1900-1990)
      Linda says he had a real estate agency in Rockdale (St George area) in the 1950s-60s
      His younger siblings 2. Victor and 4. Rita may have also been in the business.
      2 children?
      1. Geraldine Tome (b. 1931)
        m. John Beresford BRYANT (b. 1928)
        They live in Sydney (prefixes 02-9588 nr Rockdale?, and 02-9999 – northern beaches?)
        Geraldine has family materials, and provided copies to the Secretary of New Italy some years ago.
        Many of the details in this page come from a copy of her family tree.
        1. Linelle Diane Bryant (b. 1953)
          m. Ross Martin STEPTO(1950-2012)
          1. Luke Stepto (b. 1981)
            m. Tera Cathleen Madigan (b. 1991)
          2. Vincent Stepto (b. 1986)
            m. Brianna Kent (b. 1986)
            1. Emmett Stepto (b. 2006)
            2. Ethan Stepto (b. 23 May 2008)
        2. Gordon Jeffrey Bryant (b. 1955)
          m. Jane Frances Polin (b. 1955)
          1. Patrick John Bryant (b. 1981)
          2. Andrew David Bryant (b. 1984)
          3. Megan Elizabeth Bryant (b. 1986)
          4. Michael James Bryant (b. 1988)
          5. David Christopher Bryant (b. 1990)
      2. Marion Tome (1939-2010)
        m. Alan CAMERON (b. 1930)
        1. Donald Alexander Tome Cameron (b. 1975)
    2. Victor Sidney Tome (1900-1953)
      m. 1927
      m. Ada M. Foster (1900-1999?)
      No children
    3. Gina (Marie Luigia) Louise (Elizabeth?) Tome (1903-1995)
      m. 1940
      m. Fearghal (Frederick) William MULLIGAN (1902-?)
      1. Martin Frederick Mulligan, b. Marrickville, 18 Oct 1940
        Very successful tennis-player for Australia, ranked in the world top 10 in 1962, 63, 65, and 67.
        "With 72 career titles, Marty is ranked 19th [on the list of] most singles titles in tennis history".
        He reached the Wimbledon Singles Final in 1962 (but had to face Rod Laver at his peak)
        He also played for the Italian Davis Cup team in 1968. Here's Martin's Wikipedia entry.
        m. Rosella Labella, c. 1970?. She was b. 1950
        2 children
        He became head of Global Tennis Marketing for Fila in 1973 and lives in San Francisco.
        Rosella died in Rome in 1981
        Marty continues to attend the Australian Open, incl. in 2014
        1. Monica Mulligan, b. 1971
          m. Eddie Croft
          1. Alexandria Croft (b. 1993)
          2. Desea Croft (b. 2004)
        2. Martin Mulligan, b.1973
    4. Marguerita Elizabeth (Rita) Tome (1908-2005)
      m. 1938
      m. William GOW (?-1951)
      Linda remembers her as generous 'Auntie' Rita, a good friend of Ray and Gina Spinaze's
      She had a house a block back from Cronulla beach, 1960s and early 1970s

The Tomes around Inverell appear to be from line 1 above, and those in the southern areas of Sydney from line 3 above.
Some others among the NSW Tomes are presumably from the other Expedition family, because two others of those sons had issue.

There are also Tomes in Queensland who Steve Capelin has established migrated to Australia after WWII.


For the information about the Perin / Capelin line's origins and early years in Australia, this page draws heavily on the following four publications:

Harrigan R. (2006) 'They Were Expeditioners: The Chronicle of Northern Italian Farmers – Pioneer Settlers of New Italy' Rosemary Harrigan, Werribee VIC 3030, April 2006, 188 pp.

De Stefani H.T. & Craven S.M. Eds. (1980) 'Our Italian Heritage' Centennial Celebration Committee, 1980, 263 pp. (popularly referred to as 'The Stud Book')

Thompson A.-G. (1980) 'Turmoil – Tragedy to Triumph: The Story of New Italy' International Colour Productions, Stanthorpe Qld 4380, 1980, ISBN 0 86774 000 0, 56 pp.

See also:

'New Italy Settlement', Heritage Council of NSW, version of Aug 2011 mirrored here

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