The Upper Spinaze Line – One Generation– 1800-1875

Linda's Name-Line

Here's a list of Linda's 6 Forebears who were Expeditioners

Antonio Spinaze (1803-1875) [G3F]
Antonio was thought to be b. in Orsago, 10km NE of Conegliano and 60km N of Venice
But he was b. 23 Mar 1803, Codogné, 8km South, where his family had been for at least a century.
The known information about Antonio's forebears is on the Uppermost Spinaze-Line page.
m1. Angela De Lorenzi (?1815-1838)
m. 1 Feb 1837, Cimetta di Codogné
Child 1, but both mother and child died soon after childbirth
Angela d. 24 Jan 1838
m2. Lucia Federigo, dette Mattiuzzi (1822/23?-1881) [G3M]
Lucia was b. in or near Orsago
m. 27 Nov 1839, Codogné
Children 2 to 10
Antonio d. 10 Mar 1875, Orsago, aged not quite 72.
Lucia emigrated with her 2nd and 5th sons on the 'India' in 1880.
Lucia d. in Port Breton, New Ireland, 14 Feb 1881, aged 58

  1. Angelo Spinaze (1837-38)
    b. 22 Dec 1837, Codogné
    d. 6 Jan 1838, Codogné
  2. Angelo Spinaze (1842-1847)
    b. 12 Mar 1842, Codogné
    d. 26 Dec 1847, Codogné
  3. Lorenzo Spinaze (1844-1893) [G2F]
    Lorenzo was b. 25 Jul 1844, Codogné
    m. Maria Gabriel, dette Zanette (1845-1934) [G2M]
    Maria was b. 17 Jun 1845, Codogné, Veneto
    m. 25 Nov 1868, Cimetta di Codogné
    They had 5 children in Italy 1870-1880.
    In Jul 1880, they travelled on the 3rd of the Marquis del Ray's 4 ill-fated migrations to New Ireland.
    They had 3 more children in Australia.
    This is Linda's name-line. The details are on Lorenzo Spinaze's own page.
  4. Santo Spinaze (1847-1855)
    b. 24 Feb 1847, Codogné
    d. 2 Oct 1855, Codogné
  5. Angelo Spinaze (1849->1897?)
    b. 11 Apr 1849, Codogné
    m. Caterina Da Ros (1850?->1897?)
    m. 5 Feb 1877, Cordignano (10km North of Codogné)
    5 children, born 1881-1897
    The family did not join the Expedition.
    However, the two males, Children 2 and 3 later migrated to Australia.
    It is thought that the remainder may have migrated to France.
    There appear to be no descendant Spinazes in this line, either in Australia or France.
    1. Lucia Maria Spinaze (1881-?)
      b. 31 Mar 1881, Orsago
    2. Antonio Spinaze (1883-?1960)
      b. 30 Aug 1883, Orsago
      Migrated to Australia, presumably c. 1905-10
      He was a loner, who lived in Lismore, and Spencer knew him a little.
      Barry established that he has an unmarked grave in Lismore cemetery.
    3. Lorenzo Spinaze (1889-?1915)
      b. 1 Apr 1889, Orsago
      Migrated to Australia, presumably c. 1905-10
      Barry's memory is that he fought in the WWI for Australia, and was gassed.
      He was repatriated to Australia and died in a Sydney hospital
    4. Regine/a Isabella Spinaze (1891-?)
      b. 28 Sep 1891, Orsago
    5. Santa Spinaze (1897-?)
      b. 21 Mar 1897, Orsago
  6. Giovanni Spinaze (1851-1932)
    b. 25 May 1851, Codogné
    Giovanni was a soldier in the war between Italy and Austria
    (presumably in 1870, in the very last phase of the Wars of Italian Independence)
    m1. (Antonia) Maria Mellare (c.1855-<1880)
    m. 7 Dec 1879, Orsago
    Maria may have been the eldest daughter of Antonio and Giovanna Mellare, subsequently Expeditioners
    Child 1 male child, deceased
    Maria d. possibly in childbirth, c. 1878?
    Giovanni migrated on the Marquis de Ray's expedition 1880-81, aged 29-30, as vedovo, a widower.
    He worked for Mr and Mrs A.J. /A .G. Smyth of Parramatta 1881-84, and accompanied them on a world trip.
    In 1884, he selected about 60 acres in New Italy
    m2. Marietta/Maria Capelin (1867-1954)
    m. 1885, in New Italy
    Giovanni was then 34, and Marietta 17.
    See also Marietta's own family page.
        Marietta/Maria was the elder half-sister of Linda's grandmother Maria Capelin (1886-1979).
        Note that Linda's grandmother also married a Spinaze, Giuseppe (1880-1971), Giovanni's nephew.
    He was a cane-cutter for some time until 1898, aged 47. (It was a back-breaking occupation).
    After that he worked in the newfangled business of dairy-farming, for Tom Boland at Coraki
    – which was tough, but so was everything else ...
    There's a good photo of them c. 1900, with their first 6 children, on p. 226 of the Stud Book.
    Giovanni was naturalised in 1904, aged 53.
    By 1908, he was a farmer on the 'Garden of Eden' in (far lusher) South Lismore.
    In c. 1912, aged 61, he moved to Pomona in Queensland (W. of Noosa).
    11 children, 8 sons and 3 daughters, who were resident in Queensland.
    Their very large issue is in the Stud Book, pp. 224-241.
    Giovanni d. 1932, aged 82.
    A photo of Maria in about 1953 (and eldest dau. Catterina) is on p. 237 of the Stud Book.
    Maria d. 3 Apr 1954, aged 86.
    There appear to be 20 Spinazes in Australia in this line, roughly half-2nd and half-3rd cousins.
    (There are of course many other cousins, at the same levels of relationship, but with other surnames).
    In mid-2011, the White Pages showed about 10 in each of the Qld and NSW White Pages.
    The children below are listed as they appear in the Stud Book, pp. 224-225
    There is more detail on these children on Marietta's own family page.
    1. Catterina Spinaze (1886-1966)
      m. James HAMILTON
      A good photo from c. 1955? is on p.227 of the Stud Book
      7 children, many descendants (pp. 228-231)
    2. Lucia Spinaze (1888-1950)
      m. Gordon HAMILTON
      8 children, many descendants (pp. 231-235)
    3. Lawrence Spinaze (1890-?)
      m. Lilian Nielsen
      9 children, many descendants, incl. at least 3 extant Spinazes (pp. 235-236)
    4. Giovanni Spinaze (1892-1955)
      m. Beatrice Nevendorf
      1 child, but no descendants? (p. 236)
    5. Antonio Spinaze (1895-1974)
      m. Harriet May
      6 children, many descendants, incl. at least 6 extant Spinazes (pp. 236-237)
    6. Lodovico (Lodovizo?) (Victor) Spinaze (1897-1960)
      No (known) children
    7. Giuseppe Spinaze (1899-1976)
      m. May Rowbottoms
      no children?
    8. Dominic(o?) Spinaze (1901-1971)
      m. Mary Tatnell
      4 children, incl. at least 9 extant Spinazes (p. 238)
    9. Therese Spinaze (1903-?)
      m. William BULL (1901-1962)
      4 children, many descendants (pp. 238-239)
    10. Angelo Spinaze (1906-1967)
      m. Beryl Creedy (1907-?)
      3 children, some descendants, incl. at least 4 extant Spinazes (p. 239)
    11. George Edward Spinaze (1911-1979)
      m. Ursula Patricia Ford (1927-?)
      2 children, some descendants, incl. at least 1 extant Spinaze (p. 239)
  7. Lodovico Spinaze (1854-?)
    b. 1 Jan 1804, Codogné
    m. Maria Luigia Pollesol
    m. 23 Feb 1880, Codogné di San Urbano? (2km West)
    Children 3-6, all boys, may have emigrated, presumably c. 1910, possibly to Australia
    1. Maria Lucia Spinaze (1880-?)
      b. 9 Dec 1880. Orsago
    2. Teresa Celeste Spinaze (1882-?)
      b. 7 Dec 1882, Orsago
    3. Giuseppe Spinaze (1884-?)
      b. 25 Jul 1884, Orsago
    4. Antonio Spinaze (1886-?)
      b. 11 May 1886, Orsago
    5. Giovanni Spinaze (1887-?)
      b. 3 Dec 1887, Orsago
      m. Emilia? Buttiguol?
    6. Domenico Spinaze (1889-?)
      b. 3 Oct 1889, Orsago
    7. Isidoro Pasquale Spinaze (1892-1895)
      b. 12 Apr 1892, Orsago
      d. 3 Apr 1895, Orsago
    8. Angela Spinaze (1894-?)
      b. 29 Jun 1894, Orsago
    9. Paulo Isidoro Spinaze (1898-?)
      b. 26 Jan 1898, Orsago
      m. Maria Giovanna Gobbo
  8. Maria Spinaze (1856-?)
    b. 8 Jul 1856, Codogné
    m.? Soldera?
  9. Giuseppe Spinaze (1858-1879)
    b. 11 Jul 1858
    d. 1879 - "Militare". It may have been a training accident.
    (The Italian Wars of Independence were finished by 1870, and the Mahdist War in the Sudan started later).
  10. Angela Spinaze (1863-?)
    b. 5 Jul 1863, Codogné


For the information about the Spinaze line's origins and early years in Australia, this page draws heavily on the following publications. Four of them (i.e. all except Niau) in turn draw heavily on Giuseppe's memories as captured by the next generation, especially Spencer Spinaze of Piora.

In addition, Barry Summerlad's research and conversations with Antonio Perin in Orsago have added several items of information about Lorenzo's parents, Antonio and Lucia.

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See also:

'New Italy Settlement', Heritage Council of NSW, version of Aug 2011 mirrored here

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