The Courtoy Line

  The first-named in this list was Linda's mothers' father's mother's father's father's parents:

  John Courtoy (1727-1818), born Nicolas Jacquinet in Jussy (northern France) – G5F
  p1. Marianne – G5M

  •   William Courtoy (1777-1852)G4F
    Elizabeth Williams (1785-1846) – G4M
    • 2. George Courtoy (1809-1885) – G3F
          Mary Hitchcock nee Jones (1818-1872) – G3M
      • 5. Georgina / Georgiana Courtoy (1853-1910) – G2M
            William Cochrane (1848-1913) – G2F
        • 4. Allan Stuart Cochrane (1887-1957) – GF
              Annie Elizabeth Finnie (1889-1962) – GM
          • 1. Georgina Cochrane (1913-2001) – M
                Ray Spinaze (1914-2006) – F
            • 5. Linda Spinaze (b. 1952) and 4 siblings
                  Roger Clarke (b. 1949)
              • Kasia, Russell and 9 cousins (b. 1965-83)
                • Troy and 12 2nd cousins (b. 1990-)

  There do not appear to be any Courtoys in Australia in 2011.

John Courtoy (1727-1818), born Nicolas Jacquinet in Jussy (northern France).
p1. Marianne / Mary Ann Woolley
The relevant child is the first of that partnership.
See elsewhere for the Upper Courtoy Line.

William Courtoy (1777-1852)
William was b. 24 Jan 1777 in London, chr. 22 Jul 1777 in St Mary's, Marylebone Rd
m. Elizabeth Williams (1785-1846)
m. 9 Jul 1806, at St Clement Danes (in The Strand, and in recent times the RAF Church)
William was 29 and Elizabeth 21.
They had 9 children between 1807 and 1826.
On his 2nd son's death certificate in 1885, William was nominated as an Army and Navy agent.
There was a moderately illustrious family of Courtoys in the UK.
But it appears that his father had merely adopted the surname, c. 1766.
It was said in the family that they were Huguenots who fled from persecution in the 16th century.
But there are also doubters about that story.
Elizabeth d. 26 Mar 1846, aged 61, in Forest Gate,West Ham, of uterine cancer.
William d. April 1852, aged 75, and is buried in Tower Hamlets Cemetery.

  1. John Courtoy (1807-?)
    b. 30 Mar 1807, chr. 19 Apr 1807, at St Clement Danes
    m., perhaps more than once
    Remained in London.
    His Courtoy and Day descendants live in London and New Zealand
    He also has Grafton and Hammersley descendants
  2. George Courtoy (1809-1885)
    This is the relevant line for this family tree.
    George was b. 8/10 Aug 1809 and chr. 1 Oct 1809 at St Clement Danes.
    There's a substantial lineage here (although with some differences from other records).
    He became a ship's carpenter, a wanderer, a sailor, and an emigré.
    Indenture, Front and Back (the oldest artefact in the Cochrane line?).
    It's dated 10 December in the 5th year of the Regent, 1824.
    It's very badly faded. Some parts are barely visible let alone legible.
    "This Endenture witnesseth that: George Courtoy, son of William Courtoy of No. 2 ... [Bodney?] East Road in the Parish of Leonard Bromley in the County of Middlesex, of his own free will and accord by and with the consent and approval of his said Father doth put himself Apprentice to Money [Aigam?] of Blackwall Yard in the County of Middlesex Shipbuilding".
    Bromley St Leonards has been absorbed into the Parish of Poplar.
    I can't find any likely street in the immediate area, not even in this list.
    There's only one Bodney Rd in London, in Hackney, but it wasn't there in the 1891 Census. (Hackney is 3 miles NNW of Blackwall).
    Blackwall was in a sheltered loop of the Thames next to Poplar's East Marsh. The East India Docks were built there at the beginning of the 19th century.
    m1. Eliza Sewell Flitt (1815/18-1851)
    m. 27 Jun 1836, at Saint Alphage, Greenwich.
    He was 26 and she was 18/21.
    Children 1-2 (the first prior to marriage, the second on the way)
    According to this account, Eliza and George travelled to Adelaide as assisted immigrants on the 'South Australian'.
    They arrived on 22 Apr 1837 at Kangaroo Island on the 'South Australian'.
    Child 3 was b. in Port Adelaide.
    But George returned to England perhaps soon afterwards, at latest by the census of 1841.
    Eliza, abandoned, took up with an ex-convict, William Jerkins.
    Jerkins may have posed as her brother-in-law. He adopted the name William Courtoy.
    For details of this adjacent family, see the real 6. William Courtoy (1817-1838), below
    m2. Mary (Ann?) Hitchcock nee Jones (1818-1872)
    Mary was b. 3 Apr 1818 in Golden Lane, St Lukes, Longon, chr. St Giles without Cripplegate
    Her parents were Samuel Roden Jones, b. 1791, Shrewsbury, d. 18 Nov 1864, Southtown, Suffolk,
    and Mary Jenner b.1794 in Purfleet, Essex
    Mary m. John Hitchcock 14 Aug 1842, aged 24 at St Mary Stratford, London
    They had a son, John in 1843 (who became a ship's carpenter).
    Her husband John d. Dec 1843 in Poplar, London, so she was widowed after 16 months.
    Mary rem. George in 1846, in London.
    George was 37, and Mary was 28.
    Without evidence (or likelihood) of a divorce, he presumably pretended to be a widower.
    Eliza was half a world away.
    Eliza d. 7 Sep 1851, Port Adelaide (so George's bigamy was only for 1846-51).
    (That's not a bigamist. My bigamist managed almost 25 years).
    Children 4-6 were born in England.
    The family migrated to Queensland on the 'Vimeria' arriving Dec 1856 in Sydney.
    Child 7 was born at sea.
    The family structure on arrival were ages 46, c. 35, 7, 2 and a newborn.
    Child 8 was born in Queensland.
    During 1856-62, they appear to have been at Rockhampton, Gladstone and Charters Towers.
    During 1862-67, they were at Wallan, Maranoa Creek (450km WNW of Brisbane).
    They moved to Balmain in 1867 or before Mar 1868.
    He was 58, she was 49, and the children were 6, 11, 13, 14 and 19.
    Mary d. 25 Nov 1872, aged 54, in Sydney
    In 1873, on Mary Ann's child's wedding certificate, he's shown as a Bushman.
    George d. 31 Aug 1885, aged 76, in Bay St Balmain, shown as a shipwright.
    Buried in Rookwood Cemetery.
    1. Louisa Courtoy (1835-1916)
      b. 1835, London
      Her real father decamped between 1838 and 1845 (probably early in that time).
      So William Jerkins/Courtoy was her father until 1851 at 16, when Mum died and Dad left
      d. 1916, Princess St, Ranters Gully (Castlemaine, Victoria)
    2. George James Courtoy (1836-?)
      b. Limehouse (East End) 22 Oct 1836, chr. 6 Nov 1836
      Nothing more is known of him. If he survived childhood, then
      his real father decamped between 1838 and 1845 (probably early in that time).
      So William Jerkins/Courtoy was his father until 1851 at 15, when Mum died and Dad left
    3. Agnes Mary Ann Courtoy (1838-1921)
      b. Port Adelaide, 1838
      Her real father decamped between 1838 and early 1841 (and probably early in that time).
      So William Jerkins/Courtoy was her father until 1851 at 13, when Mum died and Dad left
      m. Charles HAYNES, 18 Oct 1853, Trinity Church, Adelaide
      7 children, b. in Vic and SA 1859-1880
      d. 10 Oct 1921, aged 83, York SA
    4. William George Courtoy (1849-1923)
      b.6 Sep 1849, 8 Gun Square, Limehouse, East London
      Variously carter, farrier
      m1. Emma Jane (Ellen?) WELLS, 20 Nov 1872, Bundaberg
      Emma had a child, presumably William's, 4-1/2 months earlier.
      Emma was b. c. 1855?, Maryborough (100km S of Bundaberg)
      So she c. 17? He was shown as a 23yo blacksmith.
      Her parents were Frederick Wells and Selina Mary Scarnell.
      Children 1 and 2.
      In 1903, aged 54, farmer at Fernvale, Murray's Creek (poss. the one 50km NW of Bundy)
      div. (when?), and Emma stayed at Murray's Creek
      m2. Elizabeth Foley
      In Mar 1909, aged 60, a licensed victualler
      On 14 May 1910, at the Lighthouse Hotel, Burnett Heads (8km downriver from Bundy)
      (I don't remember it, but Dad used to finish at Burnett Heads 1960-68).
      In 1913, aged 64, resident in New Bundaberg.
      (I lived in Bundy 1956-66 and don't know New Bundaberg. Nor does Google)
      In 1922, labourer, in Woondooma Street, Bundaberg (I lived in the same street 1964-65)
      Emma d. 15 Oct 1922, aged c. 67, at Murray's Creek
      William d. 10 Dec 1923, bur. 11 Dec 1923, Bundaberg, aged 74
      In 1936, Elizabeth was in the Home of Rest, Charles St, Toowoomba
      Elizabeth d. 1939
      1. Ada Jane Holt WELLS (1872-1909)
        b. 2 Jul 1872, Bundaberg
        At Murray's Creek by 1894
        m. Frederick James WALKER, 14 Jan 1894, Wesleyan Parsonage, Bundaberg
        d. 2 Jun 1909, aged 26, of 'pregnant syncope'/fainting, in Electra Street,Bundaberg
        1. Emily Mary WALKER, b. 10 Jul 1894, Bundaberg
        2. William Frederick WALKER, b. 14 Jul 1896, Gladstone
        3. Violet Maude WALKER, b. 5 Apr 1898, Queensland
        4. Florence Elizabeth WALKER, b, 6 Aug 1899, Queensland
        5. Thomas Henry WALKER, b. 16 May 1901, Bundaberg
        6. May Evelyn WALKER, b. 16 Jan 1905, Queensland
      2. Georgina (Dinah) COURTOY (1874-?)
        b. 16 Apr 1874 in Bundaberg or Gladstone
        m. Walter McCLURE, 10 Aug 1903, Murray's Creek
        Walter was b. 1878 in Glasgow, so they were 25 and 29
        In Gladstone in 1923
        d. 8 Sep 1951, aged 77, Gladstone
        1. Walter MCCLURE, b. 10 Sep 1906
        2. William George MCCLURE, b. 28 Sep 1907
        3. David MCCLURE, b. 11 Jan 1909, Briarwood Property
        4. Myrtle Lilly Isobel MCCLURE, b. 11 Jul 1911, Lochlom, Murray's Creek
        5. Roy Francis Alexander MCCLURE, b. 5 Mar 1913, Queensland
        6. Elizabeth Jean MCCLURE, b. 9 Aug 1914, Queensland
    5. Georgina / Georgiana Courtoy (1853-1910)
      This is the relevant line for this family tree.
      b.28 Jan 1853, at 2 Edward St/Crt, Limehouse (East End), London
      Migrated to Queensland aged 2, in 1855
      Later moved to Balmain (c. 1865? c. 1875?)
      m. William Cochrane (1848-1913)
      m. 1 Jan 1877, St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney
      He was 28 and she was 23
      She was a seamstress/machinist, and reputed to have been of quick temper,
      indicated by the story that she once used a horse-whip on a man.
      She was illiterate, but her husband read her many of Dickens and old classics.
      The photo (on glass) is perhaps from about 1880?
      4 Children, for which, see the Cochrane Line
      She d. 8 Oct 1910, aged 57, in Balmain, buried at Gore Hill Cemetery
      William d. 20 Jun 1913, aged 65, in Balmain, also buried at Gore Hill
      Row G Plot 327
      Gore Hill Cemetery map here
    6. Henry Charles Courtoy (1854-?)
      b. 6 Mar 1854, 4 Herbert St, Bromley, London
    7. Elizabeth Mary Ann Sussanah Courtoy (1856-1927)
      b. at sea, on 26 July 1856, on the Vimeria, en route to Sydney in Dec! 1856.
      m1. Albert BEASLEY on 26 Feb 1873, the Dawson Inn, Gainsford, nr. Rockhampton
      The Rockhampton Bulletin, 19 Mar and 5 Apr 1873 reported it.
      Albert b. 1841 in Canterbury, Kent.
      Mary was 16 (!) – but the certificate of course said 21. Albert was 32.
      Albert was a sawyer, from Canterbury Kent. They lived at Dawson Bridge, Gainford.
      She was a domestic servant, later a mid-wife and seamstress
      [presumably specialising in episiotomies]
      9 children, 1875-1894, incl. Bert, Lil (Gregory), May and Lizzie, of Rockhampton.
      This line has a John Beasley, a McClure and a Matheson in it, nr. Mackay
      Albert d. 2 Jun 1908, aged 67. She was only 51 at the time.
      m2. Joseph Francis Smith, 7 Jun 1909, in Qld
      He was a woodcutter
      She d. 11 Apr 1927 in Rockhampton, aged 71.
    8. Henrietta Ellen Courtoy (1861-1868)
      b. 29 Jan 1861, in Queensland
      d. 22 Mar 1868, Sydney, aged 7, killed from the fall of a plank
      (I understand this to have been a plank falling on her, not her falling off a plank)
  3. Mary Ann Courtoy (1812-?)
    b. 21 Aug 1812, chr. 20 Sep 1812, St Clement Danes
    m. Edmund Powell MEREDITH
    Judy suspects descendants of their son Edmund Meredith b London 1846 now live in Canada
  4. Louisa Courtoy (1814-?)
    chr. 22 May 1814, St Clement Danes
    m. Robert Elliot LANE (1814-?)
    After the death of her husband, she shared a farm house with no. 8 Frederick in Dodford, Worcs.
  5. Elizabeth Courtoy (1816->1840?)
    chr. 19 May 1816, St Clement Danes
    m. Samuel BLANKS, tailor
    They lived in Spitalfields
  6. William Courtoy (1817-1838)
    chr. 22 Sep 1817, St Clement Danes
    d. 18 Aug 1838 at 2 Diamond Point, Bromley, Middlesex, of typhus.
    But the name William Courtoy was also used by William Jerkins
    Jerkins was a London-born convict (1811-1887), who was transported to Australia .
    He partnered with Eliza Flitt in Adelaide after WC's elder brother George abandoned her (in 1838-40).
    He appears to have used Courtoy in Adelaide 1840-51, and on the Vic goldfields thereafter.
    They had 5 (or 6) children, all known both as Courtoy and Jerkins, sometimes in combination.
    All 5 were half-siblings to George's first 3 children, of whom no. 3. Agnes had a long life and children.
    Eliza d. 1851, Jerkins left, and the children presumably had a rough time of it.
    His death in 1887 was registered as Courtoy, Courtois and Coulter
  7. Charles Courtoy (1823-<1841?)
    chr. 21 May 1823, St Clement Danes
    No records have been found.
  8. Frederick Courtoy (1823->1881)
    chr. 21 May 1823, St Clement Danes
    He remained in the UK
    There is an 1881 Census entry for a 58yo widowed gardener, b. in St Leonard,
    at that stage living at Tybridge St Court 5, Worcester St Clement
    After the death of no. 4 Louisa's husband, he shared a farm house with her in Dodford, Worcs.
  9. Ernest Courtoy (1826-1893)
    Ernest was b. 15 Mar 1826, chr. 12 Jul 1826, St Clement Danes.
    He was smuggled into South Carolina in 1841, aged 14.
    He settled in Worth County, Georgia
    Ernest m. Zilyhollan Haman in 1852 in Irwin GA
    Zilyhollan was b. 12 May 1833 in North Carolina
    10 children, family structure at entry 832 here.
    Ernest d. 5 Mar 1893, aged 66, in Sylvester, Worth GA
    His entry mentions his father as being Jno(?) Joseph William Masserat Courtoy.
    Zilyhollan d. 1 Dec 1903, aged 70, in Redrock Worth GA
    They have many descendants Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Montana, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, and elsewhere


This page began with the family records of Georgina Spinaze nee Cochrane (1913-2001). It was significantly enhanced using the byproducts of intensive research by Judy Jerkins into two separate Courtoy lines. There is no apparent connection between the line documented on this page and the more illustrious line. A considerable amount of (moderately reliable) information was then found on the Web by following the leads provided by the family notes and Judy's work. Details of William George Courtoy (1849-1923) were provided by S.K. Douglas.

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