1 Park St, Sawtell

Ray and Gina Spinaze bought a sixth-of-an-acre (700 sqm) block of sand behind the dune at Sawtell in 1950. Even as a now-established solicitor in Dorrigo, Ray thought 300 quid was a lot of money. In 1952, they built a very solid brick house on it (called 'Seascapes'), comprising an upstairs flat ('Seatops') and a downstairs flat ('Seatides'), plus a weatherboard garage ('Sandy Peep'). It was used by the family and let as holiday flats for a quarter-century, 1952-1977. Ray and Gina lived there in retirement 1977-91. It was again let as holiday flats and used for occasional holidays by the family 1991-2007.

After investigating ways to finance the renovation, further development and retention of the property, the family reluctantly sold their 55-year-old heirloom in late 2007. Here are the large ad and the small ad that were used to sell it. (It was bought for $1.35 million by a merchant banker, just before the Global Financial Crisis). Here's a map, and a satellite image.

Looking North across the estuary,
to the house on the far right
From Park St,
showing the NE corner
From Park St,
showing the SE corner
From within the block,
showing the SW corner
An aerial View
The view South ...
... over the estuary
The view West to Dorrigo

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