Marjorie Haskins b. 1919
and The Green in Olveston

This page relates to a 3rd cousin to Fred and Tony Clarke and Peter Haskins, who in 2008 was still in Tockington and Olveston (just north of Bristol), sustaining a connection there that started sometime between 1830 and 1832.

The connection with the property called The Green, located here, a couple of miles east of the Severn Bridge, goes back presumably to some time between the Censuses of 1861 and 1871. In 1871, great-great-grandfather Joseph Haskins (1840-1913) was resident there. He was a coachman, and left in 1876. Joseph's immediately elder brother John (1837-1917) was there too. By at least the mid-1870s, in his 30s, John had a successful flower business running, and at some stage came to own the block.

John's 4th son Frederick (1874-1939) inherited it, and presumably continued working it, but perhaps less successfully. Frederick and his wife (Maria?) Elizabeth had six children.

Marjorie Elizabeth HASKINS was the last of the six, b.1919.

She told me in 2008 that she was in London for 5 or 6 years, but returned during World War II.

Marjorie inherited half of the property at The Green in 1939, with her eldest sister Violet (rather than their mother, who was only 61 at the time). It's unclear whether a business was still running.

In this image, the area they inherited is surrounded by the long tear-drop shaped block surrounded by the street-name, The Green. After subdivision and sale, the remaining property is in the south-western corner. It has a long path running up from the intersection. The north-eastern boundary is immediately behind the house.

From the south-western corner, looking north-easterly up to the house
From beside the house, looking south-westerly

Marjorie never married.

Her mother Elizabeth (1878-1965) lived here from her marriage in 1901 until her death almost 65 years later, 26 years after her husband died. I think the eldest daughter Violet (1902-88) also lived here all her life.

It's not clear when the majority of the block was sold, subdivided and developed, but perhaps in the 1960s.

Peter fluked a meeting with Marjorie and her nearby family at her 70th birthday party in 1989. See the photo, and a couple of names on the back. Marjorie is right-of-centre, in blue, stooping.

And I found Marjorie sitting in her frontyard, with her back to the wall just south of the house, on 11 June 2008, aged 89. We had a lovely chat, particularly about the garden. Her long-term memory was reasonable, but her short-term memory less so. It appeared that she still lived there, although I would imagine she needed home-help.

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