The Line of Harry Edward Haskins (1871-1950)

Harry Edward HASKINS b. 23 Feb 1871 (HFB) Olveston, d. 10 Mar 1950
In the 1871 Census with his family at Olveston.
In the 1881 Census, at 10, with his parents and siblings at Hedge End Botley Hants.
m. Caroline (Carrie?) E.J Truckel June qtr 1890 (Fareham 2b 102)
She was b. Caroline Emily J Truckel, June qtr 1872 (Isle of Wight 2b 553). (The 1901 Census shows her birthplace as Shanklin)
In the 1901 Census, they were at 1 Western Rd, (inner west) Winchester, with only Elsie, born 7 months earlier at Alresford, 5 miles E. of Winchester, occupation Gardener (Domestic).
Tony thought he was possibly manager of Hilliers Nursery, which is at Ampfield 5 miles SW of Winchester, towards Romsey. Michael Complin says he was a nurseryman there. Tony also thought he sang in the Winchester Cathedral choir; and that he may have had issue, one of whom was also later at Hilliers.
The only mention of a child in the Family Bible is of Elsie. But there's a space after Elsie's name (as though the writer was trying to remember someone else's name), and Tony thought there may have been another. So child 2 is speculation
Harry d. 10 Mar 1950
Caroline d. at 85 Jun qtr 1957 (Southampton 6b 532)

  1. Elsie Ellen Haskins, b. 16 Aug 1900 (Alresford 2c 174), d. 1975
    m. Herbert Wm COMPLIN (HFB) Sept qtr 1921 (Winchester 2c 325)
    They were married in St Matthew's, Weeke (a church with long Complin connections).
    Herbert was b. about 1895, and spent 1914-1919 with the Hampshire Regiment (1702-1992) in India, incl. the NW Frontier. He was 26 at the time of their marriage
    The Complin family has been around Winchester and Southampton since at least 1415.
    A Walter John (or John Walter?) Complin is listed in White's Directory in 1859 and 1878 as "brewer, maltster, farmer & hop grower", and had Complin's brewery in the village of Holybourne, just north of Alton, NE of Winchester. Walter d. 1890, after which John Fowler Complin ran it. Regrettably [while living in England 1977-78, I was a CAMRA member], in 1940 Courage bought it (or, maybe just the adjacent pub), and closed it in 1971 after the bypass reduced trade. That's from The Holybourne Village Magazine - Summer Issue 2004. [A mate of mine in Canberra is a Brickwood, of the Portsmouth brewery family line, 1850-1971, taken over by Whitbreads (fittingly, apparently); but this is one of very few links this family has to breweries – and admittedly a very indirect one. That's leaving aside great-great-grandfather Henry Davidge of Dorset (1841-1869), a brewer's labourer, who died of 'diseased lungs' – cirrhosis of the liver? – at 28].
    Elsie and Herbert had 3 children, and lived in Winchester most of their lives, in a house named after a fort on the NW Frontier.
    Herbert was in the Home Guard during WWII.
    Herbert d. at 56, Sep Qtr 1951 (Winchester 6b 540)
    Elsie d. at 75, Sep Qtr 1975 (Southampton 20 1115)
    1. Cyril Henry Wm Complin (Haskins) b. 4 Jan 1922 (Winchester 2c 230)
      m. Christina Gladys M Christie Sept Qtr 1947 (Heywood 10c 1110)
      Christina was b. 24 Dec 1923
      Henry was stationed in Liverpool during the War.
      They lived in Southampton. No children
      Cyril d. at 50, Dec Qtr 1972 (Southampton 6b 1863)
      Christina d. at 73, Nov 1997 (Southampton, Dist No. 5001B, B57A 169)
    2. Basil C. (O.?) Complin (Haskins) b. Mar qtr 1929 (Winchester 2c 219)
      m. Margaret C. Simpson, Mar 1953 (Winchester 6b 1479), children 1 and 2
      m. 2
      d. <2008
      1. Michael R. Complin b. early 1950s
        m. Coral Vasey Aug 1986 (Darlington Vol 1 P 980, Reg no 886)
      2. Jeremy P. Complin (Simpson) Dec qtr 1957 (Richmond 1b 1217)
    3. John Noel Complin (Haskins) b. 24 Dec 1934 (Winchester 2c 170)
      m. Joan Gamble Jun 1957 (Horsham 5h 869)
      John d. at 69, Feb 2004 (Colchester dist no. 4691B, B68C, 239)
      1. Susan Complin
      2. Graham Complin
  2. ?, b. early 1890s through to 1910? – a guess based on Tony's memories
    m. ? ?-?
    1. ? Albert [But the only sign of an Albert Haskins on the Web is here, b. c. 1885]
      ? Living in Winchester c. 1987
      Tony thought he might also have been a manager at Hilliers and that he also sang in the Cathedral choir
      [No Haskins were to be found in the Winchester area in the online phone-book in early 2008. Although the service is dreadful, and <50% of subscribers are prepared to let their name be visible]

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