The Line of Frederic Haskins (1969-1951)

This is a page within the family line deriving from William Haskyns (1706-1766)

Frederic HASKINS, b. 17 Mar 1869 (HFB) Olveston, d. 6 Dec 1951 (HFB) Portsmouth
His birth entry, census entries and marriage certificate show 'Frederic' (no 'k').
Tony Clarke had associated Frederic's birthday with St Patrick's Day, hence the guess of 17 March 1869. In February 2008, after Trisha Bennett had made contact with us, she advised that this was indeed the date recorded in the Haskins Family Bible (HFB).
In the 1871 Census with his family at Olveston, aged 2.
In the 1881 Census, at 12, with his parents and siblings at Hedge End Botley Hants.
In c. 1884, Frederic was apprenticed to a grocer on the Isle of Wight.
From c. 1890, he worked for Frank Whitcombe when he established Whitcombe's grocery in Palmerston Rd. It only closed its doors in about 1990.
Photo of Frederic Haskins, aged 21, so 1890
In the 1891 Census, he's 22, a Grocer's Assistant, boarding at 36 Elphinstone Rd Southsea.
m. 25 Jan 1892 Annie Marie ROBERTS (Marriage Cert)
She was b. 16 Sep 1871Weymouth, d. 26 Jul 1946
(Anne Marie's Birth Cert, Annie Marie's School Entry Cert)
When they married in 1892, Fred was at 12 Talbot Rd Southsea and Anne Marie was at 42 Cleveland Rd (4 blocks away).
In the 1901 Census, the parents and children 2-4 were at 11 Cleveland Rd Southsea. Frederic is 33, a Grocery Dealer's Assistant.
During the early 1900s, Tony Clarke thinks they lived in Lawson Rd.
Photo of the 4 children of Frederic Haskins and Annie Marie, c.1908: standing at the back Cecil Frederic c. 14; sitting left Kathleen Carrie c. 8; centre Freda c. 3, right Ethel Mary (Queenie) c. 12
Photo of Frederic Haskins, probably aged c. 40, so c. 1909
By 1915/16, they were at 4 Cleveland Rd, Portsmouth, until c. 1937.
During the 1920s, Fred was very active in the Diamond St backstreet mission (a slum area where the kids had no shoes, even in the then cold winters), and he did long sermons and prayers.
Until perhaps the mid-1930s, when he had a fall at work in his mid-60s, Fred worked at Whitcombe's, i.e. over 40 years in the one store. (Tony had thought the fall might have been some years earlier, but Peter says Fred was still working when Peter stayed with them briefly in 1934).
Tony reckons Anne-Marie did a good beef stew (beef from Argentina in those days)
During c. 1937-47, they were in a top flat in Highgrove Rd nr. Baffins Pond.
Anne-Marie had diabetes and cataracts, and had a fall down the stairs in 1946, from which she never recovered.
This page might benefit from Birth Certs for the kids, and maybe Kathleen's Death Cert
Did Fred ever know he had a first cousin of the same name (probably in Olveston Glos.)?

  1. Vida HASKINS, b. 6 Feb 1893 Southsea, d. 27 Jul 1893
  2. Cecil Frederic HASKINS, b. 17 Aug 1894 Southsea, d. 1953/59
    In the 1901 Census, with the family at 11 Cleveland Rd Southsea.
    m1. 1917/18 Isabella Stenhouse DAWSON 1890 - 23 Oct 1934, children 1-5 (who spent time in orphanages c. 1934-40)
    m2. 1942 Hilda Earnshaw, of Scotland
  3. Ethel Mary (Queenie) HASKINS, b. 16 Nov 1896 Southsea, d. 13 May 1968 Portsmouth
    In the 1901 Census, with the family at 11 Cleveland Rd Southsea.
    m. 19 May 1917, Portsmouth to
    William Anthony (Willy Tony) CLARKE, b. 8 Mar 1892, d. 21 Apr 1955 Portsmouth
    They met after Willy Tony was billetted on Queenie's Uncle George in Romsey
  4. Kathleen Carrie HASKINS, b. 8 Apr 1900 Southsea, d. 17 June 1919 Portsmouth
    In the 1901 Census, with the family at 11 Cleveland Rd Southsea.
    Died at 19, in 1919, of dropsy.
    Photo aged c. 17, so c. 1917
  5. Freda Ruth HASKINS, b. 3 Nov 1905 Southsea, d. Mar 1985 Portsmouth
    m. 6 Jul 1927
    Frederick George MILLER
    , b. 1904, d. Apr 1985

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