The Haskins Family Bible

Trisha Bennett is in possession of the Haskins Family Bible. This page contains Trisha's transcriptions from it, and links to scans of several parts of it. Here is the front page and Mary Ann's bookmark.

Statements below in [...] are by Trisha, and in [[...]] are by Roger.

The Inscription:

The Family of the Family Bible. [[The first two entries appear to be in the same hand-writing as the inscription, so presumably Mary Ann's in 1869; and the last three appear to be in Teddy Haskins' hand, so c. 1952]]):

[The children are listed as follows:]

  1. William John born Sept 11 1864
  2. George Henry born May 30 1867
  3. Frederick born 17 March 1869
  4. Harry Edward born 23 Feb 1871
  5. Edith Mary born 25 Nov 1872
  6. Edward Joseph born 17 Jan 1875
  7. Annie Blanche born 6 Mar 1876

[The above I'd say are written by Mary Ann as the writing looks identical to that in the inscription.]

[Below this are details of when each of the children died and the names of [some of] their children. I think that this was probably added by Teddy. The writing looks very similar to my Dad's and I know he was taught to do copperplate handwriting by Teddy.]

  1. [William] died 23 Mar 1929 – no issue [no indication of whether he was married either]
  2. [George] died 8 Dec 1943 – Lillian + Dot (Lil Kemp, Dot Woosnam)
  3. [Fred] died 6 Dec 1951 – Cecil, Queenie and Ethel **
  4. [Harry] died 10 Mar 1950 – Elsie [space left] (Elsie Complin)
  5. [Edith] died 7 Jun 1952 – Spinster
  6. [Edward] [alive c. 1952?] – Norah, Dorothy Mary (DM Bennett) ***
  7. [Annie] [alive c. 1952?] – Vernon Marjorie (Garlinge) Phyllis (Goodger)

[Originally I thought it said Farlinge but from Teddy's obituary I think it's probably Garlinge]

[[** This omits the eldest who died very young, and the youngest, Freda, who didn't]]

[[*** The latest date in the Bible is 7 Jun 1952 (Edith's death). Teddy died 13 Nov 1952, so if he did the entries, he did at least that one during the last months of his 77 years]]

[Underneath this is:

[The final two pages have details of Joseph and Mary Ann and family deaths:]

[(I was unable to find a death registered for Mary Ann Haskins in 1938 – only the one in 1939 in the New Forest area already mentioned)]

[Then there are details of deaths.] [[The first three are in one hand, perhaps in the 1870s, and probably Mary Ann Cooper's in her 30s. The next three are similar and very high-quality, possibly by the same hand later, perhaps in the late 1880s when Mary Ann was in her 40s. The last appears to be in Teddy Haskins' hand, perhaps in 1952:]]

[[** I have no record of a Mary Haskins 1837/38-1870. Anne suggests she may have been the wife of one of Joseph's elder brothers Edwin 1820s-1883, or more likely William 1832->1901]]

[[*** This appears to be Mary Ann Cooper's father, i.e. Joseph's father-in-law; but I'd recorded (from I'm unsure where) a likely date of death of 1841. The HFB seems likely to be correct on this point]]

[[oo the second wife of Joseph's brother John Haskins]]

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