The Children of Amy Neil Clark-Clarke-Cheeper-Cooper

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The List of Contemporary Second-Cousins

This directory contains information and documents about the 6 children that Amy bore to Anthony Jacques Cheeper/Clarke:

  1. Victoria Beatrice Clark / Clarke / Cheeper / Phillips (1901-1998)
  2. Cyril (Nobby) Gordon Clarke/Cheeper (1902-2001)
  3. Dorothy (Dolly) Clarke/Cheeper/Cheaper (1903?-55?)
  4. Phyllis Gladys Winifred (Winnie) Clarke/Cheeper/Jenkinson (1905-53?)
  5. Muriel Vyner Clarke/Cheeper/Kendall (1907-2008)
  6. Donald Anthony Cheeper (1910-1911)

A separate page contains information about Amy, including her life before and after Anthony. For further details of Amy’s very interesting husband Anthony, including his families with other wives, see the AJCheeper/Clarke directory.

1. Victoria Beatrice

Clark / Clarke / Cheeper / Phillips


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According to VB's birth certificate, she was:

(Regarding her names, Queen Victoria d. a month earlier, on 22 Jan 1901, and the funeral was a big event. And Princess Beatrice was Victoria and Albert's 5th and last child, 43 at the time).

In the 1911 Census:

Given that Anthony was in the household as Victoria Beatrice grew up, it's a reasonable surmise that she grew up understanding her name to be Clarke (or sometimes Cheeper), but not Clark. If she ever needed to use her birth certificate at all, the spelling on the certificate could have been easily passed off as a registration error.

Pamela said that she was known as Vic and Vicki.

In 1943, aged 42, she appears to have signed Winnie's marriage certificate in the name Phillips. However, her marriage to Joseph didn't take place for a further 9 years.

m. Joseph Phillips, 26 Aug 1952, Registration District Paddington (Vol 5D, Page 422)
Joseph and Vic were both aged 51, so he was also b. 1901
Joseph was of Russian (Jewish?) origin, and had been a boxer

There were no children.

Joseph d. 17 Jul 1959, aged 58

Victoria d. 27 Aug 1998, aged 97

2. Cyril Gordon

Clarke / Cheeper


According to his birth certificate, Cyril was b. 15 Apr 1902, when the family was at 25 Carlisle Rd, Romford, Essex. His father is shown as Anthony Clarke, Commercial Traveller – and Informant. His mother is shown as Amy Clarke, formerly Clark.

According to birth, marriage and death certificates, Cyril was always known as Clarke – except in the 1911 census entry where Anthony recorded the whole family as Cheepers.

He told his niece Pamela that, when they were kids, they were told to call themselves Cheeper. He also told Pamela that, every Christmas, a cheque came for Mr Cheeper.

Shown as age 9 in the 1911 Census – but he was actually 13 days short of his 9th birthday

m. Beatrice Eleanor PERRIN, always known as Mimi, on 9 Oct 1929.

According to the marriage certificate, it was at the Registry Office, Rochford (E of London, 3 miles north of Southend). He was 27, and a Jeweller's Salesman. He was at 116 York Rd, Southend on Sea (50 miles E of London). She was 24, i.e. b. 1905, no employment, of 28 Duke's Ave, Wealdstone Harrow (NW London).

Mimi's father Emil Jules Perrin (deceased) was shown as a Watchmaker. The family was from Geneva.

At some stage, they moved from London to Brighton.

Cyril was known as Nobby, at least from the War period onwards, when he was in his late 30s to early 40s. During 1940-45, Cyril was stationed in Northern Ireland, and learnt the watchmaker's trade there.

Mimi d. 1946, of breast cancer.

Cyril lived at 83 Larkfield Way, Brighton, from at least the 1950s until his death.

His niece Pamela lived with him from 1957, at which stage he was 55, and she cared for him in his later years.

Cyril d. 4 Sep 2001, aged 99, in Brighton. His death certificate and his daughter's marriage entry show him as a [Master] Watchmaker

  1. Julia M A Clarke, b. 16 Feb 1931 (Hendon 3a 616)
    m. Dudley John DEAN, 9 July 1955 (Brighton 5h 289)
    On her marriage certificate, Julia is shown as a Primary Schoolteacher, aged 24.
    Dudley was 23, and a Solicitor's Articled Clerk. His father was Bernard James Dean, who worked for ICI. Their address was given as 83 Larkfield Way, Brighton.
    Dudley developed a very successful legal practice in Brighton.
    They had children 1-4.
    Julia d. in 1975, aged 42, of breast cancer. The children were aged 5-9.
    Dudley later re-married Querida (Kerry) Speight/Ruane, who already had children 5-6
    1. Sarah Dean, b. 1965
      m1. Steve Carter, children 1-2
      m2. Ben Brockbank, child 3
      1. Thomas Carter, b. 1989?
      2. Toby Carter, b. 1990?
      3. Archie Brockbank, b. 2003?
    2. Rachel Dean, b. 1967?
      m. Lyncoln Cranfield
      1. William Cranfield, b. 1990?
        1. Albert Cranfield, b. Apr 2019
      2. Sophie Cranfield, b. 1992?
      3. Robert Cranfield, b. 1996?
    3. Rebecca Dean, b. 1969?
      m. David Townsend
      1. Nathan Townsend, b. 1988?
        p. Lauren
        1. Grace Townsend
      2. James Townsend, b. 1990?
      3. Joshua Townsend, b. 1992?
    4. Jacob (Jake) Dean, b. Aug 1970
      m. Claire Walls
    5. (Christopher Ruane/Dean?, b. 1968
      m. Sally Ellis
      1. Zachary Ruane/Dean?
      2. Tilly Ruane/Dean?
    6. (Katie Ruane/Dean?, b. 1969
      m. Peter Corkhill
      1. Finlay Corkhill
      2. Rosie Corkhill

3. Dorothy (Dolly) Ida Blanche Clarke/Cheeper/Cheaper (1903?-55?)

By interpolation, Dolly was b. between 3 Apr and 16 Sep 1903, in York. The given names Ida and Blanche are known only from her marriage certificate.

From the family's entry in the 1911 Census, it had to be inferred that a further child was alive in April 1911, but was not resident with the family that night.

Dorothy appears in the 1911 Census as aged 7, born in York and a niece of Amy's sister Mable (or less likely of Mable's husband Walter Mitchell), down in North London. (That entry was found by Patrick Hanson-Lowe in south-west London, our 4th cousin on Anthony Jacques Cheeper's mother's side). Age 7 on 2 Apr 1911 implies she was b. between 3 Apr 1903 and 2 Apr 1904.

But Anne has found no Dorothy Clarke b. about then in York, nor in Romford. There were two entries for a Dorothy Clark born in York, one Sep qtr 1903, the other Sep qtr 1904; but neither is this one. Another possibility is a Christina Dorothy Clarke, who was registered in Romford Sep qtr 1904 4a 564. (Child 2 was born in Romford 2 years earlier. And a one-year delay in registration of a 1903 birth is quite feasible).

Pamela said that she was known as Dolly.

m. Arthur William HOWDEN, 15 Sep 1929, at West Hackney. David Lane provided her marriage certificate. He was a 23yo short cutter, and she was a shirt machinist. Her address was shown as 34 Darville Rd, Stoke Newington. Her step-father, George was a witness. Her father is shown as Anthony Clarke, Commercial Traveller.

The marriage didn't last long, and she lived with her mother Amy in Stoke Newington almost all her life.

She is shown as aged 26, hence b.between 15 Sep 1902 and 16 Sep 1903.

Dolly d. "many years ago", according to Pamela (perhaps the mid-1950s, aged about 50?).

4. Phyllis Gladys Winifred (Winnie) Clarke/Cheeper/Jenkinson (1905-55)

According to her birth certificate, she was Phyllis Gladys Winifred Clarke, and was b. 13 Jan 1905, at 89 Union Terrace, Gillygate, York (just north of the Minster). The details of her parents are consistent with the many other sources.

She's recorded in the 1911 Census as Winifred Phillis Cheeper; and she's recorded as age 7, whereas she was actually 6 (and 2 months). The differences in name-sequence and age presented Anne with considerable challenges! Anthony was 74, and may have been losing touch. On the other hand, the birth had been recorded by Amy, so there may have been dissension about the order of the given names.

Pamela says she was known as Winnie throughout her life.

Pamela says that Winnie was a dancer, and a Bluebell when the group first started in Paris.
(The group was started in 1932, by which time Winnie was 27).
She also did a duo at The Talk of the Town (then the Hippodrome).
She was (perhaps briefly) in the WAAF or similar, and then a waitress.

David suspected that Winnie had a daughter some time prior to 1940, and was being supported to some extent at least by her mother in North London. This was because David once saw a letter from Winnie to his adoptive mother saying that the reason Winnie was unable to keep David was that she already had a baby and her mother wouldn’t let her keep another baby. But it's possible that Winnie was actually saying that her sister Muriel couldn't adopt David because Muriel already had a baby (16-month-old Pamela).

In 1940-41, Winnie was working as a waitress at Ruskin College (the Trade Union College) in Oxford. She had a liaison with a married serviceman, resulting in David's birth in April 1941. David has a recollection that Winnie last saw his father in Plymouth. On David's birth certificate, Winnie's address is shown as 34 Darville Road, Stoke Newington, which is her mother's house. (Amy had been married to George Cooper since 1915, but he'd died in 1940).

David was immediately adopted out, with the assistance of a Clark(e) family resident in Benson (20km SE of Oxford) and with a photography business in nearby Wallingford. (These were frantic times, with the Battle of Britain under way, shortly before the Blitz began).

m. John E. Jenkinson (1887-1969), at the Hammersmith Registry Office, 2 Dec 1943
She's recorded on their marriage certificate as Phyllis WG Clarke – not PGW as on her birth cert (nor WPG as she might have preferred?), and as 38.
John Eddy Jenkinson is recorded as a widower on the marriage certificate. He was managing the Wellington Hotel, 98/102 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd's Bush, and that was shown as her address as well. The pub is known 1878-1944, but is now a KFC (:-(}
John's death certificate says he was b. 19 Sep 1887. If so, he was actually 56 when they married.
One of the witnesses was Victoria B. Phillips, Winnie's eldest sister. (We'd understood that Vicki hadn't married Joseph Phillips until 1952).

His parents were Annie Bury and John Jenkinson. In the 1891 census, his family was living in Clerkenwell London, St James Parish. The household included his 1yo brother Norman, Charles Perry (brother in law), Charlotte Pendall and Arthur Palmer. In the 1901 census, the household is still in Clerkenwell and is listed as Annie and John, John Eddy, Charles D Jenkinson, Harman Jenkinson (now 11 so = Norman?), George Martig, William Worley and Herbert Mills. Goodness knows who all those other people were?

Bryan's birth certificate on 6 May 1944 shows his birth as being at Berryfield House, Bradford-on-Avon, 10km SE of Bath. Minnie was shown as PWG. John was still Manager of Licensed House, of Wellington Hotel, Uxbridge Road, Shepherd's Bush.

David says that Winnie visited the Lanes occasionally (as 'Aunt Phyllis'), and she sent him Christmas presents. But he never realised that Winnie was his natural mother, nor that the boy who came with her was his half-brother. David understands that, after marrying, The content of letters he saw led David to think that Winnie wanted to take David back [late 1940s?]; but his adoptive parents (understandably) didn't agree to it - and naturally then avoided David knowing about his adoption.

Communications with them were variously from Finsbury Park (inner north London – 82 Upper Tollington Park?) and Yeovil. The only known Yeovil connection is Winnie's maternal grandmother Christina Adams-Clark, who was born there in 1852, but in London at the time of her first child's birth in 1876. Yeovil is in Somerset, 40 miles SW of Trowbridge in Wiltshire where Winnie's son Bryan was born.

Pamela dated Winnie's death to the early-mid-1950s, and Anne found:
Jenkinson, Phyllis WG, (50) Paddington, Dec Qtr 1955, Vol 5D Page 158
Her death certificate says she d. 11 Nov 1955, aged 50, of ovarian cancer.
John was the informant, and they were at 82 Upper Tollington Rd, Hornsey N4.
At that time, Bryan was 11 and the postulated daughter might have been 16. David was 14.
Her will (2 months before her death) suggests they had few assets at the time. (Post-WWII wasn't a happy time for anyone in Britain).
Her elder brother, Nobby Clarke, was a witness. Her younger half-brother Craig Cooper was executor.
Craig was still at 34 Darville Rd, Stoke Newington, where Amy had been since at least 1918.

John d. Sep qtr 1969, aged 82, Islington 5c p1484
Pamela said that she and Nobby (Winnie's brother) attended the funeral.

  1. ?Daughter?, b. c. 1939?
    Postulated, on the basis of a letter from Winnie to David's adoptive mother
  2. David Clarke, b. Oxford 28 Apr 1941
    Adopted out at birth to Michael and Phyllis LANE, Benson, Oxfordshire.
    Michael d. 1975, and Phyllis d. 1985.
    Lives in Oxfordshire .
    m. Susan Mary Lloyd Mason, 22 Oct 1966, Watlington Oxfordshire
    Susan was b. 22 Oct 1943
    1. Sibylla Caroline (Sibbie) Lane, b. 1 Jun 1968
      m. Said Dajani, 28 Dec 1996 Wandsworth Town Hall, London
      1. Ada Isis Dajani, b. 21 Jun 2001
      2. Hani Said Dajani, b. 28 Jun 2005
    2. Simon David Lane, b. 29 Jul 1969
      d. 28 May 2004
    3. Annabel Suzanne (Annie) Lane, b. 16 January 1973
      A fter backpacking to Australia in 1991, never left
      m. Simon Gareth ROSE, 2 Aug 2003, Cable Beach, Broome WA
      Simon was b. in Zimbabwe
      Live in Bunbury Western Australia
      1. Maisy Isobel Rose, b. 4 Feb 2005
      2. Lila Amelie Rose, b. 24 Mar 2007
      3. Elsie May Rose, b. 10 Mar 2009
  3. Bryan ?John Jenkinson, b. 6 May 1944
    b. Bradford-on-Avon Wiltshire (10km SE of Bath) – June Qtr 1944 5A 246
    (It's unclear why a London publican's wife was in Wiltshire for the birth)
    [We'd earlier assumed that Bryan married a Jean Pullan in Leeds and lived at Harrogate. David Lane acquired that Bryan's marriage certificate, and he turned out to be 18 years younger and with a different father (Harold).]

5. Muriel Vyner

Clarke / Cheeper / Kendall


Muriel was b. 25 Mar 1907, at 4 Vyner St, York, 1km north of York Minster. For his 33rd child, it seems Anthony was running out of christian names and used the street-name. Muriel's father is shown as Anthony Clarke, Bookseller's Traveller. Her mother is shown as Amy Clarke, formerly Clark – and Informant.

Aged 5 in the 1911 Census.

Her marriage certificate shows her as Clarke. (Only the 1911 census entry shows Cheeper).
m. Alfred Samuel KENDALL, 4 Apr 1931, at West Hackney (North London)
Muriel was shown as 24, and a bookkeeper of, 34 Darville Rd. Her father is shown as Anthony Clarke, Commercial Traveller.
Alfred was shown as 25, b. Aug 1905, Insurance Clerk, of 55 Crouch Hill, Hornsey (3 miles NW).
One of the witnesses is Amy N. Cooper, her mother, by then re-married.

On their daughter's birth certificate in 1940, they were resident at 20 Pinewood Ave, Sidcup (SE London), and Alfred was shown as an Insurance Cashier.

According to their daughter, they were difficult people.

Alfred d. 1991, aged 86.

Muriel d. 2 Jan 2008 in Seaford, on the Sussex coast, aged 100.

Muriel was the last of Anthony's children to pass on, almost 148-1/2 years after the first – Anthony George Cheeper, who died soon after birth, in mid-August 1859.

  1. Pamela Amy Muriel Kendall, b. 1 Jan 1940 Islington 1b 388
    Pamela was born at Tudor House, Newington Green.
    Pamela was originally inferred from 'Niece' in the Informant column on the 2001 death certificate of her uncle, 2. Cyril Gordon. Anne subsequently found her birth entry.
    Pamela left home at 16, moved to Brighton and lived with her uncle Cyril/Nobby, and remained estranged from her parents from then on

6. Donald Anthony Cheeper (1910-11)

According to his birth certificate, born 17 Mar 1910, at 74 Broadfield Rd, (then in Ecclesall Bierlow), Sheffield. Ecclesall Bierlow was a ward of Sheffield then, but has since been subdivided into three.

The mother was shown as Amy Neil Cheeper. The father was shown as Anthony Jacques Cheeper, commercial traveller (books). The informant was A.J. Cheeper, 6 weeks later, on 27 April 1910.

This was the first time since mid-1877, 33 years earlier, that his Cheeper surname appeared in a record. Was Anthony, at 73, losing his grip the day he registered Donald?

d. 29 Jan 1911, aged 10 months, death certificate. They were still at the same address. The informant this time was Amy (which raises the possibility that Anthony had already decamped).

Sidenote: The Name Anthony

Anthony Jacques Cheeper/Clarke (1837-1918) passed his first name on to 4 children:

Anne had discovered the existance of a fifth wife in 2005, through Donald Cheeper's birth and death certificates, which led to Amy Clark's birth certificate; but she could find no more needles in the haystack.

In February 2009, the 1911 census data was released a couple of years early. Anne quickly found an entry for Anthony Cheeper, and uncovered a family of six children. Searches on 'Dudley Dean' (widower of grand-daughter 2.1 Julia) achieved email-contact, and members of the AW4 and AW5 families met, probably for the first time, in September 2009. Pamela Kendall contributed much of the background to the family.

On 27 December 2011, Annie Rose and David Lane contacted us, re-connecting Winnie's lost son, and provided new information about Winnie, and later Dolly's marriage certificate

We're missing a lot of information; and we'd love to know more!

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