Paul Clarke – b. 23 Mar 1953

Paul was the third child of Fred Clarke and May De Prose.

Paul was born in Kingaroy. He was a basketballer.

He is an electrician, and moved to Maryborough in the 1970s. Since the late 1980s, he has been at railway moving-stock manufacturer Bombardier Transportation Pty Ltd, a partner firm of Downer/EDI (previously Walkers 1864-1980), and is in the Tech Services Section there.

Paul married Shirley Ann Heyer on 16 Oct 1971 (Shirley was b. 27 Sep 1954). They had children 1 and 2. (They came to Roger and Linda's wedding in Sydney in January 1977). They divorced in May 1986.

Shirley later remarried Rick McDonough. They had two daughters, and moved to Canberra c. 1990.

  1. Nshara Lee Clarke b. 13 Feb 1972
    m1. Graham TRIBE (1968-1999) on 9 Sep 1995
    Graham was b. 19 May 1968
    Child 1
    Graham was a helicopter test-pilot, and died in a helicoptor accident on 20 Mar 1999
    m2. Richard KINGSTON on 24 Mar 2001
    Richard was b. 4 Jul 1971
    Child 2
    1. Bianca Tribe, b. 4 Sep 1996
    2. Ben Kingston, b. 14 Mar 2002
  2. Susan Maree Clarke b. 29 Jan 1979
    Susan has a Masters degree, and after time in China and the UK, returned to Australia in 2009

Paul remarried Carol Ann Bohl-Wright on 25 April 1987. They divorced c. 2000.

The text here draws on my own knowledge of the family, and from Anne Clarke-Kratzmann.

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