Violet Maud(e) Clarke-Kay


This directory contains what little information and documents we have about Kate and Anthony Clarke's 1st child Violet (Maude), and her family.

For details of Kate's life, see her own directory.

For details of Kate’s very interesting first husband Anthony, including his families with other wives, see the AJCheeper/Clarke directory.

We've been unable to find a Birth Certificate for Violet.

We understand her to have been born in Swansea, and we've drawn the conclusion that she was born on 15 or 16 Feb 1885, although the available information about her date of birth contains several inconsistencies:

Her record of baptism shows her father as Anthony Clarke, commercial traveller, and her mother Kate, living at 24 Edwards Terrace. Her surname was recorded as 'Clarke', implying that she was born in wedlock. But there's no evidence of a marriage taking place between Kate and Anthony.

She married Louis Mowbray KAY on 25 Dec 1908, in Brockley. The marriage registry entry discloses Violet Maude Clarke (23) spinster,of "Cambria", Brockley Grove, father Anthony Clarke, Traveller, married Louis Mowbray Kay (23), Bachelor, Salesman, of same address, father William Mowbray Kay, Slot Rate Collector, on 25 Dec 1908, in St. Cyprian's Church, Brockley, Parish of Lewisham, County of London, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns, by W.V. Mason, Vicar, before witnesses William Mowbray Kay and George A Rose.

Family memories suggest that they may have lived initially in Camberwell. Violet's niece Barbara Copeland-Sidebotham was told by her mother that they had a bicycle shop in Lincolnshire. In later years, they appear to have been in children's clothing.

Willie Tony's daughter Kath remembers Violet as having been at her younger brother Willie Tony's funeral in April 1955 (at which time she would have been 70 years old).

They appear to have moved to Cleesthorpe, near Grimsby (possibly on retirement c. 1950-55?). Cleesthorpe is just north of the Lincolnshire border.

Violet died on 15 April 1970, at age 86, at Nettleton Manor Nursing Home. The informant was their son, Kenneth Kay, then resident at 19 Coniston Crescent, Grimsby.

Louis died on 13 April 1971, at age 85 (born 5 August 1885), at Scarthe Road Hospital Grimsby, but resident at 36 St Peter's Avenue, Cleesthorpe. The informant was again their son, Kenneth Kay, by then resident at 49 St Peter's Avenue, Cleesthorpe. Louis was listed as a Company Director on his own and Violet's Death Certificates.

Violet and Louis' Children

  1. Kenneth Mowbray Kay b. 1911? (the date of the photo, right).
    Kenneth married Lilian Prowse (c. 1910-2000?).
    They had three daughters:
    1. Janet Kay, b. 4 May 1939
      m. Frank FENNER (c. 1965?)
      They live in Cleethorpes, NE Lincolnshire
      Janet has a shoe-box of old family photos
      Both Anne and Vivian have met Janet, and have made copies of some of the photos, some of which appear on this site
      1. Julie Fenner (late 1960s?)
        m. HURST
        1. Joanne Hurst (late 1990s?)
        2. Garry Hurst (c. 2000?)
      2. Jane Fenner (c. 1970?)
        m. HALLIDAY
      3. Ian Fenner (early 1970s?)
        1. child
      4. Jo Fenner (early 1970s?)
        1. child
    2. June Kay, b. 10 Jun 1947, a twin
      m1. Peter BILLAM
      p2. Daine
      1. Stephen Daine, b. 1968
      2. Martin Daine, b. 1970
      3. Philip Daine, b. 1973
    3. Susan Kay b. 10 Jun 1947, a twin
      m1. SMITH
      m2. CROSS
      1. Andrew Smith
      2. Tracey Smith
      3. Simon Smith

We know too little about this branch, and would love to know more

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