The Family of Anthony Sidney Cheeper (1867-1901)

This directory contains information about the children of Sidney Cheeper (1867-1901) and Annie Brown/Cheeper (1864-1930).

For details of Sidney, see his own page.

For further details of Sidney’s very interesting father Anthony Cheeper, see the AJCheeper/Clarke page, and for Sidney's siblings, see the Cheeper-Spilsbury page.

Sidney and Annie had 8 children (numbers 2-9 below), 6 of whom survived infancy, and at least 3 of whom (numbers 7, 8 and 9) are known to have large numbers of descendants. But:

Details of the children came from several sources, including the burial entries of Les Repos Saint Francois D'Assise, Montreal and the Drouin Collection on for births and deaths.

The people listed in this document were half-first cousins to our fathers Fred Clarke 1917-2004 and Tony Clarke b. 1919 – but (because Sidney was Anthony Cheeper's 6th child and our grandfather Willie Tony his 23rd) Sidney's children were a full generation older.

The grandchildren, who are listed in a further document, are half-second cousins to myself b. 1949 and Anne Kratzmann b. 1944. But, again, Anne and I are a full generation younger. The people at the third level, born within a few years either side of us, are our half-second cousins, once removed.

  1. Ethel Marie (Maud) Brown/Cheeper (1883/34-1922)
    She was b. 3 Feb 1883 (or 1884).
    The 1891 Census, and her death entry, both suggest a birth-year of 1884 rather than 1883.
    (Both show her as Ethel. She appears to have switched to Maud by 1905).
    Sidney was referred to as her father.
    But he was 15 when she was born, and wasn't in the country in Feb 1883 or even 1884.
    It has to be presumed that Sidney married Annie later, and adopted Maud.
    Maud is present [in which household?] in the 1891 census, aged 8.
    Maud is present in the household in the 1901 census, as a daughter, aged 18.
    m. Hubert MERCIER (1881-1915)
    Hubert was b. 1881
    m. 19 April 1904, Maud then aged 21
    m. St Joseph's Catholic Church, Montreal
    James witnessed as step-father, and Sidney was acknowledged as father.
    Hubert's parents were Francois-Xavier Mercier and Elizabeth Paradis.
    The witnesses were Francois Mercier (his brother?) and James McManus (her step-father).
    In the 1911 Census (1 Jun 1911), they were at 33 Bayette.
    5 children, details here.
    Hubert d. 5 March 1915, aged 34 years, in Montreal.
    Ethel d. 30 Nov 1922 (as Ethel Marie Cheeper, widow of Hubert), aged 38
  2. Albert Sidney Cheeper (1886-1892)
    He was b. Jul 1886
    He's in the household in the 1891 Census.
    d. 27 Aug 1892, "age 6 years and 11 months"
    Buried at Trinity Chapter Anglican Church of Montreal
  3. Catherine Ann Cheeper b. 17 Mar 1888 - >1929
    She appears as Annie in the 1891 Census, and Anne in Ed Hitchinson's documents
    m1 1905 in Montréal (Anglican Saint Edward)
    m1 Henry Donaldson CLARE
    Harry (Henry) was b. 14 Dec 1885
    His father John Clare (50), a labourer, arrived from Australia in 1882, dec'd
    Her mother is shown as Annie Brown, now the wife of James McManus.
    James and Annie are shown as being at 145 Wellington Street, Montreal
    Children 1 and 2
    Harry d. between 1905 and 1913.
    m2? William NORMOYLE
    m. >1911, <1914
    Children 3 and 4 (but as Anne not Catherine)
    m3? George DUFFY
    m3 21 June 1929 (when she was 41)
    George was possibly b. Sep 1895, and aged 34
    4 children, details here.
    We don't know the date of death of Ann(i)e Cheeper/Clare/Normoyle/Duffy
  4. Arthur John Cheeper (1890->1891)
    b. 2 Aug 1890, based on his baptism certificate of 9 Sep 1890, Christ Church Montreal (the cathedral)
    In the 1891 Census, he's stated to be aged 9 months (actually just 8 months)
    We have no further knowledge of him, but ...
    There's a chance that he's the John Cheeper who sailed from St John (Newfoundland), arriving in Liverpool on 22 Dec 1910, on the Lake Manitoba, also here, and here, and here as well, en route to Odenburg (which is Sopron, in Hungary, on the Austrian border south of Vienna. The border was probably a bit nominal in Hapsburg times). This John is shown as 22 (rather than 20), and as Austrian rather than Canadian. But what other John Cheepers have there ever been?
  5. Sarah Florence Cheeper (1892->1913)
    b. 15 Feb 1892
    In the 1901 Census, aged 9
    In the 1911 Census, aged 19, in Quebec, with her mother and step-father
    In 1913, a sponsor on the baptism of her niece Florence Mercier (1.5 above)
    [From Ed Hitchinson], went to Ireland
    m. McMENAMEN
    2 children, details here.
  6. Ellen Elizabeth Cheeper (1893-1894)
    b. 2 Oct 1893
    d. 2 Jul 1894
    Buried at Trinity Chapter Anglican Church of Montreal
  7. Annie Emily (Mary) Cheeper, b. 6 Jun 1895
    Known as Mary Cheeper, incl. in the 1911 Census and on her death entry
    No birth entry has been found, but her birth is inferred from two later entries.
    In the 1911 Census, she is with her mother and step-father, aged 16, born in Quebec.
    m. Patrick William HITCHINSON, 1911, in St Gabriel's Catholic Church
    Patrick was b. 9 Sep 1877, in Montreal.
    Patrick's father was John H., b. 1838, England; his mother Jane Collins, b. 1838, Ireland.
    In the 1881 Census, Patrick is 3, and with his parents and four elder siblings – Hariett 15, Elizabeth 12, Maria 9 and John 6. The family-name is recorddr as ITCHISON, and they are in Ste-Anne's Parish (microfilm reel C-13217). The city directories for 1874-79 show the father (this time as Hitchinson), as a Labourer, at 22 Forfar, Ste-Anne's Ward, Pointe-St-Charles, Montreal. (That's all from a letter from Public Archives Canada, dated 7 Jun 1979, in Ed Hitchinson's possession).
    10 children, details here.
    Patrick d. 1 Jan 1941 (aged 63)
    Mary d. 20 Mar 1978 (so aged 82), buried in Les Repos Saint Francois D'Assise, Montreal
  8. Ernest James Spillsbury Cheeper b. 11 Jun 1897, d. Feb 1974
    In the 1911 Census, aged 14, in Quebec, with his mother and step-father
    In 1916, entered the Canadian Army in Montreal, aged 19 – official record
    At that time, he was shown as a steamfitter, single, Roman Catholic, 5'6", light complexion, light brown hair, blue eyes, with fine handwriting.
    m. Margaret Geraldine Walsh (perhaps during the War?)
    During at least the period 1920-25, they lived at 35 Bridge St, Montreal.
    In 1920, they crossed the border to the USA, apparently to visit a cousin named Anne Graner/Graser, who lived at 5841 Peoria Sq., Chicago.
    Listed as a steamfitter in the Lovell's Montreal Directory in 1925.
    Listed as a plumber in the 1935, 1940 and 1945 Montreal Directories (at some stage, at least, with the Canadian National Railways).
    In 1950, a janitor in an apartment building.
    In 1955, a plumber with the Canadian National Railways (still? again?).
    Lived at 467 Bourgeoys from the 1950s until at least 1977-78 (by which stage he was 80). Presumably Rue Bourgeoys, in the eastern part of Montreal, near the river.
    6 children, details here.
    Margaret d. Jan 1959, aged c. 60, buried 15 Jan 1959.
    Ernest was buried 21 Feb 1974, at Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery TR 02613.
    Gabrielle Poirier was buried, and identified as Ernest's widow, on 2 Feb 1987
    The sequence of the children shown below is speculative at this stage, because in most cases we have little information about their birthdates.
    All are half-second cousins to Anne and Roger (but a full generation older).
  9. Daisy Lillian Cheeper b. 8 Oct 1901, d. 1972
    In the 1911 Census, aged 9, in Quebec, with her mother and step-father
    Converted to Roman Catholic on 24 Mar 1911, in St Gabriel's Catholic Church.
    m. Thomas P. CONRICK
    m. 22 Dec 1920/22, St Ann's Catholic Church, Montreal
    Thomas was b. 1892.
    Thomas' parents were Thomas Conrick (1855-1905) and Mary Ann Hughes (1863-1937).
    The information in this entry is from a Rootsweb posting, plus child 6, Frank Conrick.
    The photos are from Frank as well. Click on the images for larger versions.
    At their marriage in 1920/22.
    On the right, Daisy's step-sisters Rosie and Allice McManus?
    (but they would have been only 14-18)
    At their 50th anniversary in 1970

    Thomas worked for Dom. Oxygen Co.

    Thomas and Daisy appear to have lived in Montreal all of their lives.

    They had 7 or 8 children, details here.

    In 2009, there appeared to be 16 grandchildren, 25 GGC and already 10 GGGC, i.e. c. 60 descendants.

    The children moved around, several to Brantford Ontario.

    (Brantford is 100km SW of Toronto, and was once a Massey-Ferguson town).

    Daisy d. 1972, and is buried Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery N 02833.

    Thomas d. 1974, and is also buried in Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery.

    The photo on the right is presumably from after 1974 (but I'm not sure which daughters they are!).

    Click on the photo for a larger version.

We're missing a lot of information; and we'd love to know more!

Most of the information on this page came from Anne's research, with a little from Albert's grand-daughter Ruth. A breakthrough lead on Anthony Sidney in Montreal came from George, an unrelated researcher who contacted Anne via the Genesreunited site and drew her attention to Anthony Cheeper's migration to Quebec on 'The Polynesian' in 1883. Other Canadian-based family researchers have provided further, valuable references.

I traced 9.6 Frank Conrick. I telephoned him in Sep 2009, and posted him some printouts of this web-site. Frank contacted several members of the family. As a result, in Nov 2009, I received emails containing a considerable amount of family information, from 7.10 Ed Hitchinson, and Gordon Foster, the husband of 9.4 Audrey Conrick. Then, in January 2010, I received from Frank Conrick the history of his own family, together with the 4 photos reproduced on these pages

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