Albert Jacques Cheeper's Family

This directory contains information and documents about the children of Albert Jacques Clarke, by his two wives.

For details of Albert Jacque Cheeper (1862-1937) and his two wives, see his own page. Albert's parents and descendants are shown in this rough family tree.

This page documents what we know about the four children by each of two wives.

Children of Albert Cheeper and Evangeline Amy Leigh/Lee (married? 1884?-1896?)

Albert claimed to have married Evangeline Amy Leigh/Lee on 15 March 1885 or 1886. We infer that because their children's birth entries show him, and they were given his surname. She was known as Amy, and according to the 1901 Census was born in Manchester. She is shown as 38 in that Census, impying she was born 3 Apr 1862 - 4 Apr 1863. During this time, the family appears to have moved with Albert's employer, from West London, via Chester, to Queensferry in Scotland.

Albert was 22-34 during their time together, and she appears to have been the same. Albert and Amy had four children between 1885 and 1893, the first of whom died as a baby. Albert appears to have abandoned the household by the end of 1896. Presumably he was posted out of Scotland. he left Amy with children aged 9, 7 and 3.

We infer that Amy remarried, although, if so, that may have been even more short-lived, c. 1897-1900. This is because, in the 1901 Census, she is in East London, and shown as wife (although not as widow), but also as head of household, and as dressmaker, with the surname Raymond, together with her 3 children.

In the 1911 Census, aged 49, she says she is a widow, being married 11 years.

  1. Reginald Albert Leigh / Cheeper (1885-1885)
    His birth certificate shows that he was born 31 January 1885, at 34 Gowrie Rd, Battersea, Surrey, with the birth registered on 12 March.
    He died in the same year
  2. Raymond Charles Leigh / Cheeper / Raymond (1887->1901)
    He was born 10 May 1887, at Chester Castle, Chester.
    We assume that he was in the household in Queensferry, Linlithgow (on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, about 10 miles NW of Edinburgh) in April 1891.
    (The census entry refers to a 3-year-old, as Raymond would have been; but the name given is Reginald instead of Raymond).
    He is in the 1901 Census, as Ray C. Raymond, aged 13, with Amy, at 21 New Gravel Lane Dwellings in Shadwell (East London).
    m. as Charles Raymond, 25 Dec 1907 – certificate
    m. Violet Maud Payne, aged 20(?), of 22 Dorset St (West End, just north of Oxford St)
    The church was, St. Thomas, Stepney (Tower Hamlets, East End). This was at Arbour Square, but was bombed out in 1940. There's no sign of a church there now, so presumably it was replaced by a park.
    On the marriage entry, Charles' father is shown as Albert Jacques RAYMOND (dec'd), Customs Officer. Charles is shown as 21 (actually 20 and 7 months). His address was 232 Oxford St. He was shown as a Clerk.
    Anne has their 1911 Census entry.
    1. Charles D. Raymond, 1911-1992
      b. 3 Jun 1911? – Sep qtr 191 W.Ham 4a 633 (East London)
      We're not aware of any marriage, or children.
      d. Jan qtr 1992, aged 80 – Southend on Sea 9 3112 192, i.e. in Essex
    2. Arthur Albert D. Raymond, 1914-2000
      b. 27 Aug 1914? – Dec qtr 1914 W.Ham 4a 614
      m. Mar qtr 1935 – Rochford 4a 1049
      m. Doris M Smith
      We're not aware of any children from the marriage.
      d. Dec qtr 2000, aged 86 – Southend on Sea 4751C C7C 229 12DD
  3. Ellen Amy Leigh / Cheeper / Raymond (1889->1925)
    She was born 2 November 1889, also at Queensferry 670/00 0096.
    The census entry in April 1891 shows her as a 1-year-old in the household in Queensferry.
    She is in the 1901 Census, as Ellen A. Raymond, aged 11, with Amy, at 21 New Gravel Lane Dwellings in Shadwell (East London).
    m. 20 Nov 1915 to Heskett Bland Fletcher (Registry Office, Epsom, Dec qtr 1915 2a 109)
    He was recorded as being 29, a bachelor, and a draper's assistant.
    She was 26, and also shown as a draper's assistant.
    Both were shown as being resident at 6 London Rd, Cheam (on the SW edge of London).
    His father was shown as Thomas Henry Fletcher, plumber, deceased.
    They had two children.
    We have no further knowledge of Ellen or of Heskett B.
    1. Heskett W. Fletcher (1916-1942)
      b. Mar qtr 1916 – Epsom 2a 39
      Anne found an entry in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database.
      He was a musician in the Royal Marine Band
      [which, from other family experience, suggests that he was 'orphaned' into the Marines
      at about age 12-14, on an extremely long and unbreakable contract of service]
      m. Kathleen Maud Chappell, Mar qtr 1940 – Surrey Mid.E. 2a 515
      d. 18 Nov 1942 aboard HMS Arethusa, aged 26.
      She was a cruiser 1934-50, for much of 1941-42 in the Med on the Malta convoy runs. Wikipedia says "While on operation 'Stoneage', a torpedo from an Italian aircraft struck her on 18 November 1942 and caused heavy casualties". That was a fortnight after El Alamein.
      His name is engraved at Portsmouth Naval Memorial on Southsea Common.
      This is for the 14,918 naval dead with no known graves.
      (Southsea Common is very familiar to our family, and I was there in mid-July 2009).
      Kathleen re-married, to Norman Laidlow, Mar qtr 1949 – Cambridge 3a 498.
      Anne made contact with John Clark, who married Jill Chappell, the granddaughter of Kathleen Chappell's brother, and established that ...
      Kathleen Laidlow, nee Chappell, formerly Fletcher, d. Aug 1960.
      There appear to have been no children, from either marriage.
    2. Marion A. Fletcher (1925-?)
      b. Mar qtr 1925 – Wandsworth 1d 1006
      We have no further knowledge of her
  4. Catherine Alice Leigh / Cheeper / Raymond (1893->1914)
    She was born 24 Apr 1893, also at Queensferry 670/00 0019
    She is in the 1901 Census, as Catherine A. Raymond, aged 7, with Amy.
    They were then at 21 New Gravel Lane Dwellings in Shadwell (East London).
    m. 25 Dec 1912, so aged 19 – Poplar 1c 1013, i.e. East London – certificate
    m. Harry Thomas Arthur MAYS, also aged 19.
    He was then a meat porter. They were both of 23 Stafford Rd (East End, near Upton Park).
    Her father is shown as Albert Jacques RAYMOND (dec'd), Excise Officer
    1. Harry C. Mays, 1913-?
      b. Jun qtr 1913 – Mile End 1c 814
      We have no further knowledge of him
    2. Catherine A. Mays, 1914->1934
      b. Sep qtr 1914 – Bethnal G. 1c 257
      m. Dec qtr 1933 – Poplar 1c 711
      m. Arthur B. CLINTON
      • 1A. Arthur A. Clinton, b. 1934
        Twin, b. Sep qtr 1934 – Finsbury 1b 701
        We have no further knowledge of him
      • 1B. Bernard E. Clinton, b. 1934
        Twin, b. Sep qtr 1934 – Finsbury 1b 701
        We have no further knowledge of him

We've not made any contact with any people in these lines.

Children of Albert Cheeper and Jane Dawson (married 1897-1937)

On 28 April 1897, Albert married Jane Dawson. At the time of their marriage, he was 35 and she was 19.

Albert and Jane had four children:

The only issue we're aware of from these four children are Ursula's child, Nance Grigor, and Ruth Cheeper-Phillips and her considerable family (see the separate Thomas Hunter story).

We're missing a lot of information; and we'd love to know more!

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