Evidence for
Anthony Jacques Cheeper (visible 1837-1877 and 1910-1918)
Anthony Clarke (visible 1877-1904)
Being The Same Person

There is no incontrovertible proof that Anthony Jacques Cheeper (AJCh) was the same person as Anthony Clarke (AC). (And there can't be such a thing as incontrovertible proof, because such ambiguity is in the nature of human identity. Names are malleable. Register entries are that, and nothing more. Even biometrics will never be all that reliable).

But there's very substantial circumstantial evidence that AJCh and AC were the same person.

Not least among this evidence is that, in the space of 4 days in September 1877, one AJCh ceases to be at a particular address, with a wife and 2 children; and a nominally different person, called AC, appears in his place.

Here's the rest of the circumstantial evidence:

If anyone can spot a material weakness in the circumstantial evidence, let us know!!!!

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