The Cheeper Tree – Lower

This page draws primarily from work by Geoff Clarke and Anne Kratzmann.

This page presents primarily what is known about the lower line of Cheepers (c. 1800-1850). Separate pages provide information about the upper Cheeper line (to c. 1780), and the middle Cheeper line (c. 1780-1800).

The line relevant to this web-site is child 8.

Note that entries include Cheeper, Chipper, Chippar and Cheaper (the last as late as April 1911!).

The page finishes with a note on the many Anthonys in the Cheeper line.

Anthony Jacques Cheeper (1802/03-37)
b. between 9 Apr 1802 and 8 Apr 1803, but where? London? [That was based on d. 8 Apr 1837, aged 34]
Actually b. 23 Jun 1802, according to Liz Nathan and Sheila Iacono.
Sheila's (and probably Liz's as well) is based on a transcription stored at
This also has him baptised on 19 Dec 1807 at St Nicholas' in Yarmouth.

In 1824, at 22, he's in the London Trade Directory, as a draper and hosier, at 12, Rotherhithe.
That's in Southwark, 2 miles east of Tower Bridge on the southern side of the Thames.

In 1824, he was a Freeman of the City of London (at the time, still the qualification to vote) – a right he acquired by birth, because his father was so qualified – and qualified to serve on a jury (West Division, Rotherhithe St; bottom right of page).

m. Jane Bokenham, 19 Oct 1825, in Southwold
Jane was b. 7 May 1805 in Southwold
A separate page has information about the well-established Bokenham family.
Anthony is shown on the marriage certificate as being of St Michael's, Coventry.

From a family perspective:
Children 1-8 were b. 1825-35, most of them baptised at St Michael's, Coventry. But they were a very sickly lot. Only 3/8 survived beyond the age of 1 (2/2 females and 1/6 males). Anthony junior was their 8th and last child in 12 years of marriage, and the only surviving son.
So, during the period 1825 to 1835, Anthony senior appears to have shuttled between at least Coventry in the Midlands and Southwold in Suffolk, but possibly also North London. And Anthony's wife, Jane, and the early, sickly children shuttled at least between Coventry and Southwold. And this was in an era before trains, let alone decent roads and road transport more reliable than horses. No evidence exists of any other Cheeper who could be confounding the inferences.

From a financial perspective:
In 1826, aged 23, Anthony is on the 'suitor's list' of heads of household in Coventry. And an Anthony Jacques Cheeper is recorded in the Pigots Trades Directory for 1825/26 in Rotherhithe (East London). This might have been the oldest Anthony, 1758-41, at age 67/68, or the son Anthony Jacques, 1802-1837; but the son would have been only 23/24.
In 1828 and 1829, the Coventry Trade Directory shows Anthony as a ribbon manufacturer, in Park St. He remains active in the trade into the 1830s.
The firm Cheeper, Watson & Jackson is visible in the Directories for 1835, and in those for 1839 and 1846. Anthony Jacques senior was only 33 in 1835, yet the Cheeper name appears first in the partnership. So perhaps the Anthony of 1758-1841 founded the firm. Anthony Jacques is also on the 1834 Voter's List in Coventry (but not on that for 1826).
In 1837-46, the firm of Cheeper, Watson & Jackson in evident in the London Trade Directory, as a silk and ribbon warehouse at 20 Wood St and then 36 Wood St.

Anthony d. 8 Apr 1837, aged 34, at 32, Myddleton Square, London. His death was noted in the Coventry Herald of 14 April 1837.

He was buried in All Soul's Cemetery on 16 April 1837. If that's the one at Kensal Green in the West End, which had opened only in 1833, then it was a prestigious resting-place.

Anthony signed a standard will 8 months before he died, leaving everything to Jane.
The executors were Jane and William Bokenham, Jane's brother.
This was despite Anthony having a brother, Christopher. However, Christopher's date of birth and profession are unclear and he was unmarried at the time. Moreover, a significant part of Anthony's estate may have derived from his marriage.

Jane remarried Charles Teakle, 28 Feb 1839
A separate page has some information about the Teakle step-family.
Jane d. 1852 (so aged 47), Islington

  1. Anthony William Cheeper (1828-1828)
    chr. 22 Feb 1828, St Michaels, Coventry
    d. 1828, so aged <1, Southwold, Suffolk?
  2. Thomas Bokenham Cheeper (1829-1829)
    chr. 1 Jun 1829, St Michael's Coventry
    T.B. was Jane's father's name
    d. 29 Aug? 1829, so aged <1, Southwold, Suffolk
  3. Anthony Cheeper (1830-1830)
    A second attempt at an Anthony
    chr. 30 Jun 1830, St Michael's, Coventry
    bur. 17 Aug? 1830, so aged <1, St Michael's, Coventry
  4. William Cheeper (1831-1831)
    chr. 4 Aug 1831, St Michael's, Coventry
    bur. 13 Aug 1831, so aged days, St Michael's, Coventry
  5. Jane Cheeper (1833-1866?), the first to survive her early years
    b. 1833, Southwold Suffolk
    In the 1841 Census, aged 9, she was in a school in Canonbury Place, Islington
    In the 1851 Census, aged 18, Jane 'Chacker' was in her step-father's household
    m. Wm Bokenham SPICER, 8 Aug 1857, in Edmonton? or in Cheshunt, Herts?
       Wm B appears to be the son of Simon Spicer and Mary Ann BOKENHAM, who
           was Jane's sister (see entry in James Maggs Diary in 1825), aged 30 (to Jane's 24/25)
       Simon and Mary Ann had a son and a daughter
       Mary Ann died in 1828
       Simon then married Ann GEORGE gives the two children as:
          Sarah Elizabeth SPICER christening 16th October, 1825 Southwold, Suffolk
          Wm B SPICER, b. Southwold, chr'ing 27th Sept 1827, Suffolk County Bts, Suffolk
    There is no evidence of any children
    Jane d. <1871, because in the 1871 census Wm is a lodger and a widower
    Possibly June Qtr 1866, 33 Edmonton 3a 110, when she would have been 33
  6. Ellen Cheeper (1834-?1908), the second to survive
    chr. 7 May 1834, St Michael’s, Coventry
    In the 1841 Census, aged 7, she was in a school in Canonbury Place, Islington
    In the 1851 Census, aged 16, Ellen 'Chacker' was in her step-father's household
    m. Thomas Bentick RICHARDSON (1832/33-1893)
    m. Mar Qtr 1860 Islington 1b 313
        Thomas was b. 1832/33, in Salisbury, so aged 28 at marriage.
        Anne notes that the (mad) Duke of Portland was a Bentinck. (And Anthony tried to sell to him in 1872).
        Two of Thomas' older brothers were Professors of Music at a young age.
        One of those was assistant organist at Salisbury Cathedral 1845-63, and Organist from 1863,
        whereupon Thomas (briefly?) became assistant organist?
        Anne thinks their father was John, a Grocer! (from the 1841 census). No mother mentioned.
        If so, where did the music come from??
    From Ellen and Thomas' children's birth certificates, it appears they lived in Preston 1861-64.
    (That could have been far-away Preston Lancs, or Preston St Mary, 20 miles south of Bury St Edmonds).
    They moved to Bury St Edmonds about Easter 1864, where Thomas, aged c.32, became organist and
    choirmaster at St Mary's (the third largest parish church in England), until his death 29 years later.
    Thomas filed a debtor's petition in 26 Nov 1870 in Bury St Edmunds.
    But they had 2 servants in each of the 1881 and 1891 Census entries.
    In the 1881 census Thomas is a teacher of music, and in 1891 a Professor of music.
    He was very active in the musical community, and a Mason.
    They had 6 daughters (2 pre-deceasing him), and 2 sons.
    Ellen had children right up to the age of 46 in early 1881!?
    Thomas d. suddenly, 13 April 1893, Churchgate House, aged 61 – Bury St. E. 4a 396
    The Bury Free Press published details of his life on 15 Apr 1893, and the funeral details on 22 Apr 1893.
    It further reported on 4 Jul 1893 on funds raised for a Memorial.
    Finally, on 16 Dec 1893, it reported that a brass tablet was installed in the south chancel.
    Ellen d. most likely Jun 1908, so aged 74 – 72 Newmarket 3b 294 (other possibilities 1910 and 1912)
    1. Ida Ring Richardson (1861-1894)
      b. Sep qtr 1861, Preston Lancs – Preston 8e 501
      In 1881, aged 19 and a Teacher of music
      In 1891, she is 28 and a Professor of music!
      d. Mar qtr 1884 – 22 Bury St. E. 4a 369
      No descendants
    2. Kate Guilda Richardson (1862-1950)
      b. Sep qtr 1862, Preston Lancs – Preston 8e 516
      In 1881, aged 18
      Kate became a Professor of Dance
      m. Jun qtr 1893 – Portsea 2b 987
      m. Frank Alston BULLOCK
          Frank was b. Jun qtr 1863 – Thingoe 4a 481 (Bury St Edmunds)
      Portsea, is the inner harbour of Portsmouth
      They appear to have been in Portsmouth at least 1893-1901, but moved to London in 1902?
      Kate probably never knew she had a 30-years-younger first cousin, Willie Tony Clarke, b. 1892.
      Willie Tony was the 23rd child of Kate's uncle, Ellen's younger brother Anthony Jacques Cheeper.
      W.T. arrived in Portsmouth c. 1915 and married into the Haskins who'd been there since c. 1890.
      Anne imagines Kate ran a Dance School in London (or Portsmouth/Southampton?) until retirement.
      Frank d. Mar 1929 qtr, so aged c. 66 – 65 Hackney 1b 921
      Frank was shown as a retired engineer b Chedburgh, Suffolk (6 miles SW of Bury St Edmunds).
      Kate d. Sep qtr 1950, so aged c. 88 – 88 Exmoor 7c 109
      No descendants
      1. Guilda Beryl A Bullock (1901-1902)
        b. Jun qtr 1901 – Portsmouth 2b 509
        d. Sep qtr 1902, so aged 1 – 1 Holborn 1b 344
    3. Amy Cheeper Richardson (1864-1944)
      b. Mar qtr 1864 – Preston 8e 477
      Amy became a Professor of Music and music teacher in Bury St Edmunds.
      She is mentioned in the articles about her father Thomas’s death in 1893.
      She remained unmarried and had no children.
      d. Sep qtr 1944, aged 80 – Kensington 1a 109
    4. Ellen Bockenham Richardson (1865->1904)
      b. Dec qtr 1865 – Bury St. E. 4a 450
      In the 1881 Census aged 15
      m. Herbert ARUNDEL Sep qtr 1895 – Bury St. E. 4a 1195
      Herbert was b. Sep qtr 1867 (hence almost 2 years younger) – Pontefract 9c 81 (near Leeds)
      4 children in Huddersfield 1899-1904
      The family appears to have moved to Scotland between 1904 and 1911
    5. Charles Mendelsohn Richardson (1869-1916)
      b. Jun qtr 1869, Bury St Edmonds Suffolk – Bury St. E. 4a 471
      There's no evidence of Jewish connections, so presumably named after the composer (1809-1847).
      In the 1881 Census aged 12
      m. Mar qtr 1901
      m. Edith Selina Mears – Islington 1b 215
      In the 1911 Census, Charles is a night watchman at his place of work, and Edith is in a house with 4 other occupants of various occupations, apparently a rooming house. Says none for chn.
      Charles d. Dec qtr 1916 – 47 Hackney 1b 479
      Edith d. Mar qtr 1948 – 71 Chelsea 5c 336
    6. Edith Maude Richardson (1870->1901)
      b. Dec qtr 1870 – Bury St. E. 4a 477
      In 1891 census.
      Mentioned in death notices of Thomas, her father, in 1893.
      In 1901 census, visiting her cousin Ellen Cheeper-Underwood (Anthony's 5th), at Kings Lynn.
      This is the only knowledge we have of contact between this family and any of Anthony's children
      Occupation given as vocalist (continuing the Richardson musical strand of the family).
      No evidence yet found in the 1911 Census, marriage or death registers.
    7. Mabel Jane A Richardson (1874-1891)
      b. Dec qtr 1874, Bury St Edmonds Suffolk – Bury St. E. 4a 514
      In the 1881 Census, aged 6
      d. Mar qtr 1891, aged 16 – 16 Bury St. E. 4a 479
    8. Arthur Reginald Richardson (1881->1911)
      b. Jun qtr 1881, Bury St Edmonds Suffolk – Bury St. E 4a 614
      In 1881 census, aged 1 month – suggesting a birthdate of early March, and registered late
      m. Sep qtr 1903, Gertrude Plummer – Coventry 6d 936
      Gertrude was b. Dec qtr 1884 – Newmarket 3b 531, so 18 years old when married
          Gertrude's parents were James Plummer, a Groom, and Sarah Ann Schooling
          They were m. Mar qtr 1878 – Newmarket 3b 691. They had 9 children
      In 1911, Arthur was in S Africa, shown as Married - a Joiner and Private
      In 1911, Gertrude Richardson is living in a household in Hampshire as a servant with her sister Freda Plummer 17 also a servant, to a 63yo widower landowner and JP. Anne's assumption is that she was working there while Arthur joined the forces
      The entry says marr 7 years with 2 children still alive, but they are not in the household.
      Anne found Florence and Gertrude Richardson living in Newmarket with their grandparents Plummer.
      Apart from a further birth entry, Anne's found no further reliable entries post-1911
      1. Florence May Richardson (1904->1911)
        b. Jun qtr 1904 – Birmingham 6d 41
      2. Gertrude Mary Richardson (1909->1911)
        b. Mar qtr 1911 – W. Derby 8b 691
      3. Arthur T(homas?) Plummer Richardson (1919-?)
        b. Dec qtr 1919 – Bury St. E. 4a 1852
  7. Anthony Cheeper (1835-1835?)
    A third attempt at an Anthony
    chr. Oct 1835, St Michael's, Coventry
    d. 1835?
  8. Anthony Jacques Cheeper (1837-1918) – the 4th Anthony, the sole surviving male
    b. 27 Sep 1837, at 32 Myddleton Square, Pentonville, North London, north of Kings Cross, near The Angel tube station).
    His birth was registered on 23 Feb 1838.
    He was "the only male Cheeper of his generation in the country".
    Here is a description of AJC's fairly extraordinary life.
    m1. Catherine Spilsbury – producing 10 children, as Cheeper
    m2. Mary Wanless – producing 3 children, as Clarke
    m3. Emma Terry – producing 4 children, as Clarke
    m4. Kate Davidge – producing 11 children, as Clarke – Anne's and my line
    m5. Amy Clark – producing 6 children, as Clarke (but briefly as Cheeper, in 1910-11)

The Name Anthony in the Cheeper / Clarke / Bail Line

The name Anthony began with Edward's son in 1758, and has occurred (continuously) across 8 generations and 250 years, from 1758 until the present. There have frequently been 3 alive at the same time. For 18 months in 2009-10, there were 4:

  1. Anthony Chipper/Cheeper 1758-1841
  2. Anthony Jacques Cheeper, 1802-1837
  3. Anthony Jacques Cheeper / Anthony Clarke, 1837-1918
  4. Willie Tony Clarke / William Anthony Clarke, 1892-1955
  5. Edward Anthony (Tony) Clarke, b. 1919
  6. Roger Anthony Clarke, b. 1949
  7. Russell Anthony (Whiteman Spinaze) Clarke, b. 1983
    (Russell was understood at the time of his naming to be the fifth in succession)
  8. Troy Anthony Bail b. 2009 – who is the son of Roger's daughter Kasia
    (Troy was known at the time of his naming to be the eighth in succession)

On the other hand:

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