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15 September 2011, rev. 17 October 2011, rev. 26 November 2011

The Bled eConference celebrates its 25th year in 2012. Its scope has matured progressively from EDI, via IOS and eCommerce, to its current, broad scope of 'all things e'.

All recent conference proceeedings are electronically accessible.

The following resources are available for conducting research into previous Bled papers.

1. The Conference-Site's Complete Set of Abstract – 1995-2011


The Conference Organising Committee in Kranj have provided a spreadsheet containing, for all 786 papers, in every one of the refereed conferences, the Title, the Authors and the Abstract.

This can be downloaded from the leftside navigation bar of the conference proceedings page, or directly from here.

Select a column and use the Excel Find facility. For example, 'Outsourc' appears in only 2 Titles, but in 9 Abstracts. (It also discloses that 29 papers have had 'Swatman' in the list of Authors).

2. The Conference-Site's Full-Text Search Facility – 2000-2011

You can browse the Proceedings for 2001-11.

You can search the Proceedings for 2001-11.

Gregor Lenart is endeavouring to extend the browsable and searchable collection further back.

He hopes to be able to get it at least to 1997, and possibly to the first refereed event in 1995, or earlier.

3. The AIS eLibrary's Search Facility

You can browse the Proceedings for 2001-10. And 2011 should be up shortly.

You can search the Proceedings for 2001-10.

This offers some features not currently available using the Conference-Site's search facility, ...

BUT there are serious deficiencies with the AIS eLibrary search facility (which is provided by BEPress):

The defects have been reported to AIS (in some cases, a long time ago).

4. Google Scholar's Search Facility

You can use Google Scholar's Advanced-Search Page.

It requires some manipulation to make it useful, however.

To restrict the search to the conference only, limit the search-scope by setting publication=Bled.

This example restricts the search not only to publication=Bled, but also with the provisos <must-include adoption>, and <show-first-100-hits>. Virtually all appear to be Bled conference papers (although a few are from the ECIS Conference held in Bled in 2001). Some search-terms may of course pick up papers from other events – because many conferences are held in the town – and from the Bled School of Management (IEDC).

Google's search-engine is low-quality compared with professional services. The management of search-terms is clumsy, the company's much-vaunted precedence algorithm puts the results in an order that's meaningless in this context, and it's not possible to control the sequence in which hits are sorted.

But its catchment is wide, and it's cheap. And it finds papers in locations additional to the Conference-Site and the AIS eLibrary, such as university and personal repositories, including papers from 1988-2000 – provided of course that they are web-accessible.

Send us your queries, comments and suggestions.