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Abstract and Slides for a Presentation and Discussion at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada on 11 June 2004

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The Internet revolution caught organisations unawares in the mid-1990s, and it continues to befuddle them. Among the latest in a long series of ill-judged fads is 'identity management'. It is envisaged that service providers will make profits, companies and government agencies will be assured who they are dealing with over the 'net, and consumers and citizens will get better services, because someone is managing their identity.

The first part of this presentation reports on the outcomes of a study of identity management published in March 2004. It categorises the many schemes, and shows how they are failing to confront the complexities.

The second part of the session draws on long experience in the conduct of Privacy Impact Assessments, including several recent and current PIAs of identity authentication projects.

The importance of PIAs is obvious to privacy advocates and regulators. Attention is drawn to the reasons why corporations and government agencies find it advantageous to conduct them. Observations are also offered on the critical features of an effective PIA process. Finally, attention is drawn to some limitations of PIAs, with a view to stimulating discussion about whether and how constraints can be imposed on the many privacy-invasive technologies that currently challenge society.

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