BHS Shield (Image Missing!)

Photos from 25 September 2021, Brisbane

Thanks to the photographers: Ken Piaggio and Helena Jackowski/Healey

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Moshe, Colonel Blimp, Anne Eastgate
Bronwyn Rose, Michael How,
Janet Killer, Robert Edgar
Moshe, Shane Sullivan
Helena Jackowski/Healey,
Ian Dorricott
Janet Killer, Roslyn Scott,
Neil Robinson
Robyn Edgar, Neil Robinson,
Claire Robinson
Roslyn Scott, Jeff Shepherd
Michael How and Bronwyn Rose
Peter and Marie Gregory
Ken and Jane-Frances Piaggio
Ken Latter and Peter Gregory
Jeff Shepherd, Neil Robinson,
Ross Eastgate
Moshe at prayer, Janet Killer,
Ken Gilbert, Shane Sullivan
Ian Darnell, Helena J/H
Ken Latter, Jeff Shepherd
Lord of the Rings Convention,
Moshe sitting, Kneel standing,
PJ Coombe
Yoda channelling
Ken Gilbert
Ross and Anne Eastgate
Shane Sullivan, Moshe (back of),
Neil R., PJ, Ken G., Bronwyn,
Ben and Caro,
Donald Scott (back of), Susan Coombe

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