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Photos from 9-11 September 2016, Bundaberg

Thanks to the contributors!
Apologies to those present whose pictures are missing!

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The first three were taken by the Principal, Karen McCord – who spent her own time enthusiastically guiding the group around the grounds and buildings on Saturday afternoon.

At the announcement Board – F
At the Honour Board – F
The group of visitors – F

In the third photo, left to right, Ken Piaggio, Sue Duncan/Knight, Ken Churchward, Clive Shields, Robert Edgar, Roger Clarke, Graham Duldig, Howard Bamsey, John McGrath, Ian Darnell, Neil Robinson, Roslyn Rose/Scotts, Ian Dorricott (13).

The other members of the cohort who were present at one or more of the other events were Kevin Liddell, Margaret Stone/Vincent, Shirley Ann Schafer/Cheffins, Tyrone Keune, Judy Bailey/Keune, Ian Honor, Donna Clarey/Dunstall, Bruce Jensen and Noel Nelson (9).

These shots are by Ken Piaggio, the first two from Saturday afternoon, the rest from the evening event.

At the Honour Board,
same list as above – F
Ditto, the
leftmost seven – F
Neil, Ros,
Robert, Howard – F
Roger, Tyrone,
Ian Honor – F
Clive, Neil
Doc's back – F
Ian Darnell – F
Tyrone, Roger,
Robert, John – F
Margaret – F
Howard – F
Roger, Robert – F
Chef Graham – F
Patient Partners
Claire Robinson,
Jane-Frances Piaggio
and Robyn Edgar,
and John – F
Ian Dorricott,
Hostess Lyn Duldig – F
Ros, Jane-Frances – F
Judy, Donald Scotts,
Ros, Claire,
John, Sue – F
Bill 'Doc' Noble – F

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