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Website AEShareNet Accessibility Statement

This page provides information on what we have done to make this website as accessible as possible to all users of the Internet. If you have got to this page as a result of seeing the message "Problems viewing this site?" see the section below on Browser Support.

Accessibility of the public site

The AEShareNet website was developed with the aim of making information as accessible as possible to all users of the Internet. Specific aspects of this include:

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Browser support

The previous version of the AEShareNet public website used special techniques to detect the user's browser and provide differently formatted versions of pages depending on whether the browser supported Cascading Style Sheets. With the new website released April 2004 we have discontinued this. If you see the link "Problems viewing this site?" at the top of the page it indicates that your browser probably does not support Cascading Style Sheets. The page will not be formatted as we intended but you should still be able to read all the content. Please report any problems using the support and comments links below. Many browsers which support Cascading Style Sheets are available for free.

Members area

Due to the additional functionality required in the Members Area it was not practical to comply with as strict a set of guidelines on accessibility. The Members area does include some use of frames and tables for formatting, as well as the use of JavaScript.

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Commitment to open standards

The Australian education and training community has formally endorsed an open standards approach to the use of online technologies - see reference below.

All development work for the AEShareNet website has been specified to use open standards to the maximum extent practical.

Comments sought on the accessibility of this site

We would welcome comments and feedback on the accessibility of our site and any problems you have with its use. Please use the Feedback form available from the Support page, or write to the General Manager, Product Services, TVET Australia Limited.

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