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AEShareNet to be merged into TVET Australia

In the next few months, AEShareNet will be merging with Australian Training Products to create TVET Australia, Products and Services. TVET Australia will become a single point of access for the seamless discovery, acquisition and licensing of training materials for users of the national training system.

The process of transferring the functions and services of AEShareNet to TVET Australia is already underway. Next year will be a transitional year. A new and exciting streamlined purchasing and licensing service will be developed that incorporates the functions of both Australian Training Products and AEShareNet.

As the AEShareNet licensing templates and infrastructure are transferred to the new company arrangements, we will endeavour to ensure our customers are not inconvenienced in any way.

All existing and new licence agreements will be valid until the end of the licence period and there will be no requirement to renegotiate the agreements in any way. Members should also be assured that membership arrangements will continue as normal, and renewals will be distributed over the coming months.

Should you have any questions about AEShareNet's transition to TVET Australia please don't hesitate to contact our helpdesk via the normal channels.

AEShareNet Customer Service
Phone: (03) 9832 8100

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