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Licensing overview

The AEShareNet licensing system simplifies and streamlines the licensing of learning materials through a series of standard licence conditions called “licence protocols”. All AEShareNet licences are built on a common heading structure. Some protocols allow negotiation and customisation of conditions for an individual material or licensee and others do not.

The owner of the material decides under which protocol(s) the material is offered to potential users.

Owners of copyright material should read this page in conjunction with Benefits of AEShareNet licences for copyright owners which explains the benefits of the various licences.

This page is a simplified description, for a more detailed comparison refer to the Short Licence Comparison Table.

Note: both this page and the Short Licence Comparison Table are intended as a general guide. For the full legal details refer to the Full Licence Comparison Table.

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Two types of AEShareNet licences

Instant licences

Descriptions below:

Mediated licences

Descriptions below:

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Instant Licences

AEShareNet-FfE - Free for Education

Computer ImageMaterial with the AEShareNet Free for Education mark may be freely used and copied for educational purposes but the owner retains full control of its use for any other purposes.

The FfE mark can be applied to any material, this could include government information, company fact sheets, checklists, technical specifications, marketing materials and content on a publicly accessible website.

For more information see the AEShareNet-FfE page.

AEShareNet-U – Unlocked Content

Flying EagleMaterial with the AEShareNet-U mark may be freely copied, adapted and used by anyone. Exact copies must retain the owner’s copyright statement and the AEShareNet-U mark. Enhancements must not contain the owner’s copyright statement and may have a new copyright statement by the Licensee.

Intended for situations where the owner does not require acknowledgement as the original source of the content and there is no requirement to maintain a consolidated version. Examples might include checklists and guidelines which can be freely adapted for an organisation’s own circumstances; or professional development materials.

For more information see the AEShareNet-U page.

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AEShareNet-S – Share and Return

BoomerangMaterial may be used and enhanced by anyone free of charge but copyright in published enhancements consolidates with the original owner. Fragmentation of ownership of different versions is reduced by having a single licensor whose maintenance of the material is facilitated by them owning enhancement made by other users. Typical uses would be learning resources.

For more information see the AEShareNet-S page.

AEShareNet-P – Preserve Integrity

No ModificationsThe material may be freely copied but only in its original form including the owner’s copyright notice. Typical uses would be for policy documents, research reports, speeches, curriculum documents and Training Packages, technical standards, statistical information and data sets, and statutory notices. Suitable for any material which needs to be widely available but for which a single authoritative and accurate version is required.

For more information see the AEShareNet-P page.

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Mediated Licences

AEShareNet-C – Commercial Licence

Bag of dollarsLicense conditions can be customised by the owner and a Licence Fee and/or Royalties may be charged. In other words the owner can set down exactly what a licensee can and cannot do in terms of adaptation, duration of licence and where it can be used. Typical uses would be learning resources.

For more information see the AEShareNet-C page.

AEShareNet-E - End-user Licence

Books and CD materialsIntended for materials to be used on an as-is basis. An E licence can be taken out by an individual to use the material themselves, or by an organisation for use within the organisation including by an educational organisation for use by students. Within the E licence it is possible to itemise a whole range of individual deliverables including copies of CDROMs and Training support courses for information. Typical uses include software and multi media resources or for multiple copies.

For more information see the AEShareNet-E page.

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More information

For more information on AEShareNet licensing, please see the following pages:

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