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Strategic Alliances

We have entered into alliance with the following organisations. and AEShareNet signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work closely together in the following areas:
  • Promotion
    Mutual promotion of events and services
    Promote the use of
  • Sharing Resources
    Examine and establish a means for sharing quality online resource collections and discovery/search tools
  • Seminars and Think Tanks
    Regularly consult and liaise on national issues of significance.
Didasko is an AEShareNet Member and offers all Australian online learning resources using multimedia (including graphics, animation, sound and video effects) .

Didasko has just released a software tool that combines video conferencing, voice over internet protocol and application sharing through a web browser.

The application was developed by Centra Software Inc and to date around AUD $70M has been spent on R&D relating to this product. Contact us for a demonstration or to download the order form, please click here.

MCQ International
MCQ International offers a range of services that provide new opportunities for our Members, including:
  • A learning management platform
  • A "Managed service" course development platform for providers who do not have their own IT infrastructure
  • General content customisation services for Members' content, as part of offering a tailored learning resource to clients.
  • Opportunities for new licensing opportunities through maximising the benefits of both sites.

A Frame
A Frame provides AeShareNet Members with opportunites such as:

  • an e-commerce facility for the sale of training courses or electronic distribution of content through the Aframe Store
  • an e-learning platform for the development of online courses and assessment.

A Frame is currently conducting a joint pilot with a Community College in NSW.

Macquarie e-learning Centre of Excellence
Professor James Dalziel has been working closely with us for some time on areas of like interest, and he was a speaker on Meta-tagging during the Great Debate series in Sydney during 2003. See

AEShareNet has been a supporter of both the COLIS Project and in the continuing development of a Learning Activity Management System (LAMS). In particular, LAMS offers teachers a highly intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. It is highly suited to encourage re-use and adaptation of materials.

AIMIA (Australian Interactive Media Industry Association)

AIMIA is the top national body representing the Interactive Media and Digital Content Areas. AIMIA represents creators, developers and educators, several of whom are also Members of AEShareNet.

AIMIA promotes local businesses and provides export opportunities, guidance and marketing and advertising assistance to their Members. AIMIA also hosts annual industry awards that recognise significant achievement and excellence in the interactive media and digital content field.

Many of AIMIA's members have a critical interest in our core activities, for example copyright, IP management and licensing.

We are pleased to be a Member of AIMIA and both organisations are investigating co-operative events, including joint workshops.



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