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Associates of the AEShareNet system are able to transact mediated licences for Learning Materials without registering for full Membership. Whereas all product owners offering mediated licences through the AEShareNet licensing system must be a Member, it is possible for a casual user of the system to register before or at the time of purchasing a licence.


Full Membership offers a range of added benefits but should you only need to use the AEShareNet system occasionally, or you simply wish to trial the system before you commit to Membership then registering as an Associate may be the best option for you.

To register you or your organisation as an Associate, go to our Associate Registration page. You can also register at the time you take out a licence when you see the prompts to login/register.

There are 8 easy steps to transacting a mediated licence as an Associate:

  1. Search and find a material
  2. Select and display the details (Check the red status bar at the top to make sure that the material is available to Associates)
  3. Request the Licence
  4. Register (if not already an Associate) - your login details will arrive by email.
  5. Log-in
  6. Negotiate and Complete licence (negotiation between parties is by email)
  7. Pay using a secure e-gateway facility or by cheque
  8. Receive licence confirmation

More detail on the 8 steps to transacting as an Associate is available in this PDF document.

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Membership offers:

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