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Content seekers, teachers & trainers

This page provides a guide to aspects of the AEShareNet website of most use to people looking for learning materials they can use and adapt.

The AEShareNet licensing system for Resource Discovery

The AEShareNet website is the one-stop-shop for resource discovery. Discover thousands of national VET resources available for license and purchase - the AEShareNet website makes sourcing and developing learning materials easy. Whether you're looking for print-based, electronic or web-based, on the AEShareNet website you will find a variety of options in the form of courses, units of competence, workbooks, learning objects and a wide range of other learning materials.

Finding materials

Our core business is about licensing of materials - obtaining the right to adapt and reproduce learning materials for use in your organisations training delivery or for other purposes. Our website contains a consolidated list of materials owned by many different training organisations and is an excellent place to look for learning materials whether or not you are a member. (Other sources are available via our External Links page).

There are two ways of searching the AEShareNet website for learning materials:

Use the Help system for more detailed instructions on these two search options.

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Do you need to obtain a licence?

Read the pages Licensing and Obtaining Materials and Supply and Licensing of Copyright Material to understand whether you need to obtain an AEShareNet licence.

Understanding Copyright

Read the page Understanding Copyright to understand more about copyright law and your responsibilities when using and adapting learning materials.

For more information about the advantages of AEShareNet please go to What AEShareNet Offers.

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