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Copyright librarians

This page provides information about the aspects of the AEShareNet website of most use to people who want to source, catalogue and protect training material.

Copyright licensing

The AEShareNet licensing system takes the worry out of copyright licensing by bringing participants into a direct contractual relationship. The new system encourages enhancements and customisation while preserving your copyright ownership and version control. Owners can choose to offer their resources through standard licence conditions as an online transaction, or to negotiate conditions specific to the situation within a standard licensing 'template'.

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Finding materials

Our core business is about licensing of materials - the right to adapt and reproduce learning materials for use in your organisations training delivery or for other purposes.

There are two ways of searching the AEShareNet website for learning materials:

Use the Help system for more detailed instructions on these two search options.

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Cataloguing Your Training Material

While the searching for and licensing of training material is done in the Central AEShareNet website, the cataloguing of training material for uploading to the site is done locally.

For more information about how the AEShareNet licensing system can help you or your organisation please see What the AEShareNet licensing system offers.

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