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AEShareNet Members

Explanation of Members and Budget Centres

The AEShareNet licensing system provides for Members to manage and report licensing activities in separate sections or business units within their organisations using what is called "Budget Centres". Budget Centres can be used by all classes of members but are particularly useful in dealing with the varying organisational structures and legal status of public providers in the different jurisdictions.

Based on their local organisational structure and its legal status, each State / Territory training authority has decided whether all TAFE Institutes in their jurisdiction are participating under a single Membership (with perhaps Budget Centres for each TAFE) or whether there are separate memberships for each Institute. Under the legal framework established licences are technically between Members, but in some jurisdictions the practical negotiation and contact aspects of negotiating a licence are handled at the TAFE Institute (or Budget Centre) level. The Budget Centre feature allows a Member to track and control any licensing activity on behalf of its constituent units.

To find out if your TAFE, Government body and company is already a member of AEShareNet, please contact AEShareNet on (03) 9832 8100.