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Business managers

This page is a guide to aspects of the AEShareNet website of most interest to people who would like information on how AEShareNet can assist their organisation with it's intellectual property needs.

AEShareNet licensing as a Management Tool

The AEShareNet licensing system facilitates access to training resources for training providers and content developers accross Australia, helping you to manage your Intellectual Property and providing a single distribution channel for your training resources. The AEShareNet licensing system offers a means to create:

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The AEShareNet Concept in Detail

If you would like further information on details of the AEShareNet system, access the pages in the section AEShareNet concept.

In these pages you will find documents describing the AEShareNet system of multilateral licensing, how it differs from traditional approaches and what its advantages are for efficient management of intellectual property in vocational education and training.

These documents were all written in the planning stage of the AEShareNet licensing system, prior to the formal incorporation of AEShareNet Limited (now managed by TVET Australia) and the development of the current software system. Current legal and operational documentation is listed in Key References.

For more information about the advantages of AEShareNet licensing to you and your organisation please go to What AEShareNet licensing Offers.

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