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Instant licences
simply download and apply the mark to your material:
FfE - Free For Education (
U - Unlocked Content (
S - Share and Return (
P - Preserve Integrity (

Mediated licences
require registration of your material at the AEShareNet website:
C - Commercial Licence (
E - End-User Licence (

I'm a copyright owner interested in using the Share and Return Licence:
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AEShareNet S - Share and Return

AEShareNet-S - the Share and Return instant licence

Standard Licence Regime for Sharing and Returning improvements. Material with AEShareNet-S Licence Mark may be freely used, copied, adapted and distributed. But copyright in any Enhancements consolidates with the owner. Encourages adaptation, whilst reducing fragmentation of ownership of different versions.

Tell me more about the AEShareNet-S Share and Return Licence protocol.

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