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First Users of FfE Licence Marks

The following organisations are the first to apply the 'Free for Education' (FfE) licence marks to their website. This list will be updated regularly as other organisations follow suit.

Association of Women Educators (AWE)

The Association of Women Educators (AWE) supports participation and advancement of women and girls in education, both in terms of women pursuing careers in education and the education that is received by girls and women as well as eliminating discrimination in curriculum and policy. They have applied the FfE licence mark to their website, giving free access to some important information.

Australian Association of Career Counsellors (AACC)

The Australian Association of Career Counsellors (AACC) is a national organisation that provides information about careers to people wanting to enter the workforce or change their existing career. They also provide support and guidance to career counsellors. The FfE licence mark can be seen prominently on the front page of the website.

Australian Democrats

The Australian Democrats' website contains many articles and news items about the Democrats' policies and activities. They have applied the FfE licence mark to every page of the website, allowing access to a broad range of information for educational purposes.

Cancer Council Northern Territory

The Cancer Council of Northern Territory provides information and support to cancer sufferers and their families. They have placed the FfE licence mark on every page of their website to allow full access to information for educational purposes.

Centre for Genetic Education

The Centre for Genetic Education is dedicated to providing current and relevant genetics information to individuals and family members affected by genetic conditions and the professionals who work with them. They have a number of interesting fact sheets available for educational purposes.

Democrats South Australia

The South Australian arm of the Democrats have made all content on their website free for educational purposes by applying the FfE licence mark. This includes news items and articles about the party's policies and activities.

Education Exchange

Education Exchange is offering their Education Exchange Creator system free of charge to educators with the application of the FfE licence mark to the Creator web page. Educators can create and run on-line assessments, track assignment delivery and submission and manage their own Learning Events by using this system. It is designed for corporate training of employees but has many other applications.

Education Exchange has also placed the FfE licence mark on the page containing their News items.

Manly Warringah Community College

Manly Warringah Community College provides quality Adult and Community Education services through classes and on-line learning. The College has many interesting resources and items on their website. The student information and resources are particularly useful and informative. The FfE licence mark is prominently displayed on the front page of the website.

Pennant Software

Pennant Software, who specialises in resources for learning languages other than English, has applied the FfE licence mark to seven French/English Crossword puzzles.

Senator Andrew Bartlett, QLD Democrats

Senator Bartlett has applied the FfE licence mark to his personal website, giving access to articles, stories and news items for educational purposes.

SUNY at Buffalo, Department of Media Study, New Courses

This page describes courses available through the Department of Media Study at SUNY. The descriptions are for courses in subjects like Collecting, Cultural Theory & Data-Based Art and Screen Theory and others.These descriptions offer some interesting tidbits about the subjects and the theory that will be explored.


Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board's (VETAB) website is an important reference point for training organisations. The FfE mark has been applied to the whole website, allowing free use of any of the materials about registering or operating as an RTO, course accreditation and information about overseas students.

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