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Instant licences
simply download and apply the mark to your material:
FfE - Free For Education (
U - Unlocked Content (
S - Share and Return (
P - Preserve Integrity (

Mediated licences
require registration of your material at the AEShareNet website:
C - Commercial Licence (
E - End-User Licence (

I'm a copyright owner interested in using the Commercial Licence:
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AEShareNet C - Commercial Licence

AEShareNet-C - the Commercial Licence

Commercial Licence. Requires Registration. Material Registered under AEShareNet-C may be used, copied, adapted and distributed. But Licence conditions may be customised by the Licensor. Eg, Licence Fee and/or Royalties may be applied to re-distributed activity under the Licence.

Tell me more about the AEShareNet-C Commercial Licence protocol.

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